Dying Light 2 had 200 pages of cut material, the unofficial document revealed



Highlights of the story

  • Reddit user Sneedlingg has compiled every cut of Dying Light 2 content into a massive 231-page document. It talks succinctly about all the cut features, using pictures to describe everything that was cut.
  • Many cut factions, story moments, better choice outcomes, entire regions, important coastlines, and more are described in this document that could have been included in Dying Light 2.
  • Techland faced many tough moments during the game’s creation, at one point falling into development hell. The original narrative designer, Chris Avalon, was fired due to allegations of sexual misconduct.
  • Dying Light 2 comes out on February 4, 2022 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox one, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC. It was praised for its combat, parkour, and visuals, but criticized for its confusing narrative.

dim light 2 was a great release last year, but mostly The planned material never made it In the last release. Although there was a general perception of the cut content in the community, no one had an idea of ​​how much content had been cut for the entry. Oh Dying Light 2 enthusiast and Reddit user, smell, is plural Each cut material In a ___ Huge document of 231 pages Briefly described with photos and details.

Unofficial Dying Light 2 Kit Content Document
by theu/needlingg IDying Light 2

There is a document. Beautifully put together To make it easier for users to work through Dying Light 2’s massively cut content. The topic that emerges is very different from what Davies discussed. The document mentions a lot of factions, story moments, better choice outcomes, entire areas, important coastlines, and more that could have been included in Dying Light 2.

Other interesting reading:

Techland passed. Very difficult times Before the game came out; It stayed inside Progress is hell for a long period of time. Original Narrative Designer for Dying Light 2, Chris Avalon was fired. At a critical time during its creation due to accusations of sexual misconduct. Taking it out of the giant scene Back off for the title. And caused a deadlock. The degradation of all cut materials and many features likely resulted from this choice.

Despite this, Dying Light 2 still managed to stand in the bright limelight even though many of its parts remain only on paper and in the minds of the devs. The original Dying Light was a seriously exciting entry for its time, enticing many users for the sequel. While many aspects have failed to be huge improvements, all of the content that has made it’s release has still proved to be an enjoyable project.

Techland’s project received positive reviews for its dynamic traversal, parkour, combat, and visuals. But it faced criticism for a vague and mundane story. However, the devs promised Provide more than five years of support after launch. For Dying Light 2, that has been true since its launch. Enrollment has since been received. Lots of updates Filled to the brim with content, features, visual enhancements, and more.

For example, an update a few months ago Worked on fixing one of the biggest criticisms. with the title. Dying Light 2’s default color palette looks more colorful than the original. Most fans were unhappy with how the sequel didn’t feel as scary as the initial title. Added by devs. Good night, good luck update for free, which brings Old color grading as an option and completely changed the night experience with more and more spawning enemies.

Set 22 years after the original, Dying Light 2 comes out 4 February 2022for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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