Dredge has already sold over a million copies, surpassing Davis’ expectations.


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  • Dredge now tops over a million copies sold. This milestone was quite a surprise for the team. Initial expectations for the project were quite modest.
  • It sold over 100,000 copies in just the first 24 hours of launch, which was the target for the entire year.
  • Black Salt Games is currently working on The Pale Reach Expansion Pack for Dredge. It is slated to release on November 16, 2023.

Popular indie hit Dredge has apparently crossed the massive milestone of one million. The success has taken the devs by surprise as initial expectations were quite low. The game developer learned about the milestone. During an interview at PAX Australia, revealing that Black Salt Games did not consider reaching such a turning point during the game’s development.

We hoped to sell maybe 100,000 copies in our first year. It would have been amazing. This was a high estimate when we were setting our expectations. We smashed those goals,” said producer Nadia Thorne.

To put things in perspective, sales hit 100,000 in just the first 24 hours instead of a year. Dredge has been such a success The devs have been able to pay off their debts. And focus on securely supporting future expansion. According to the statement on the blog, the original goal was to cover development costs in the first year after release. However, the target was easily surpassed during the first month.

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To our delight, in just one month of pre-orders and one month of full release, we have sold five times the initial amount. This not only covers the expenses incurred in the last 30 months of development but also ensures that we enter the coming years debt-free.

More than 60 percent of Dredge’s sales have been on PC, followed by PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox consoles. Black Salt Games initially considered that even selling a million copies in a full year was an “insane” goal. The total number of sales has now crossed one million since the entry was revealed earlier this year, which was a huge surprise for the devs.

This is an unusual position and is like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

These major milestones have allowed the team to use their success and new resources to develop the new DLC, The Pale Reach, for the Lovecraftian horror fishing simulator. The expansion is scheduled to be released later this year. November 16, 2023. Dredge actually came out March 30, 2023 For Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox oneXbox Series S, Xbox Series S, and PC.

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