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Dr. Garaki’s Backstory and Connection to All For One

Back in the early days of my hero academia, there were several theories surrounding the doctor who told Deku that he would probably never develop a Quirk. Some believed that this seemingly inconsequential character was evil and worked for All For One. Others believed that the doctor’s job was a front for him to find possible Quirks worth stealing. The curious thing about this type of theories is the reason they were.

Eventually, Dr. Kyudai Garaki was revealed to be the mad scientist everyone thought he was. He was not only studying Quirks for All For One, but was also responsible for supporting the League of Villains and later the Paranormal Liberation Front with scientific expertise from him; in spiderman: homecoming terms, he was her “boy in the chair.” He may only be a supporting cast member, but his role throughout the MHA The narrative cannot be understated.

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Where has Dr. Garaki been throughout My Hero Academia?

Dr. Garaki was the first to propose the Quirk Singularity Doomsday Theory approximately 70 years before the start of MHA. Unfortunately for him, the scientific community rejected his theory and he lost all credibility. However, All For One supported his theory and that’s when the two became partners. As an act of gratitude, the doctor gave All For One his Life Force Quirk and kept a copy for himself.

In addition to learning how to copy and transfer Quirks through artificial means, Dr. Garaki also developed Nomus. These mindless slaves were created by taking the corpses of others and implanting multiple Quirks into them. They’ve been a serious threat throughout the series and have even caused trouble for the likes of All Might, and they’re all the product of one man.

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At some point, Dr. Garaki founded Jaku General Hospital and other clinics, nursing homes, and orphanages focused on Quirk-based healthcare research. Some fans theorized that he was also studying his patients’ quirks and looking for good ones to copy or steal; this led to the theory that he stole Deku’s Quirk while examining him. However, all that has been confirmed so far is that this was all a front for his work for All For One and the development of Nomus.

After All For One was incarcerated, Dr. Garaki was left in charge of many of the resources that the two had amassed over the years. This includes the labs, stored Quirks, the Nomus, and Gigantomachia. He was willing to share these resources with Shigaraki, but only if he proved to be a worthy successor to All For One.

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What is Dr. Garaki’s most dangerous creation?

Shigaraki in My-Hero-Academia.

After Shigaraki displayed his destructive potential, Dr. Garaki was happy to share everything he and All For One had gathered. He even let Shigaraki have the original version of One For All’s self-titled Quirk. Whoever Shigaraki wins with his new power, that victory can be attributed to Dr. Garaki.

As of the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, the Heroes have stopped Dr. Garaki, but it is too late. He not only transferred most of All For One to Shigaraki, but also left the boy with some Nomus erasure bullets and even some Quirk. While he may not be able to provide any more help from his cell, the repercussions of what he has done will likely last for the rest of the series.

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