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Core points of Gamers

Does Pokémon size matter in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet?

The size and weight of Pokémon have always been a topic of conversation among fans, especially in the latest installment in the franchise, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Since the Pokemon are available to view in the outside world instead of randomly appearing in the tall grass, you can see their physical size. If you’ve been playing any of the games for a while, you may have noticed that some Pokémon are much smaller or much larger than others. Unfortunately, the size of these different Pokémon doesn’t necessarily matter beyond your personal preferences.

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Can pokemon size matter in pokemon scarlet and violet?

Of course, this game features Titan Pokémon, which are large-scale versions of normal Pokémon. However, these specific Pokemon are limited to particular events throughout the game, like Path of Legends, and you can’t catch them. They will have large health bars above their heads and perform different movement scenes compared to their standard Pokémon battle. Given that, his size also doesn’t matter on the grand scale of things beyond making a big battle even better.

What matters is the nature of the Pokemon you catch or trade, as well as their IV and whether or not they are shiny. Beyond that, you can make your team as small or as big as you want!

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