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Does Chainsaw Man or Demon Slayer Have the Stronger Monsters?

The following contains minor spoilers for Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man manga, now available in English via Viz Media.

Many modern shonen anime fit into the unofficial “monster hunter” subgenre, where the heroes use specialized equipment and training to dispatch dangerous monsters that threaten humanity. Older examples include Bleach Y horror in tokyowhile newer and more popular monster hunter titles include the long-awaited chainsaw man and the beloved, beautifully animated Murderer of demons.

These two series vary greatly in tone and visual style, but still have some thematic overlap. The protagonist Tanjiro Kamado and the anti-hero Denji/Chainsaw Man have sworn to hunt and destroy monsters and protect humanity, jobs that are truly dangerous. Devils and demons make worthy adversaries, but fans may wonder which species of monster is more dangerous, and why. There are many factors at play, from the intelligence and cunning of the monsters to their abilities, coordination with other monsters and more.

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The Sinister Powers of Chainsaw Man Demons

In chainsaw manIn the alternate 1990s timeline, demons are the supernatural manifestation of humanity’s worst fears, with stronger and more widespread fears giving rise to stronger demons. Some stand out as apocalyptically powerful enemies, such as the splintery but still deadly armored demon, along with the formidable devil from hell and the chilling demon of darkness. As a result, they vary greatly in shape, size, and nature, but on average, any demon can easily kill a human. All demons are dangerous in some way, but oddly enough, humanity can borrow their power with formal pacts.

“A pact with the devil” is a main theme in chainsaw man, and most offer bargains to interested humans. The tsundere Aki Hayakawa made a sacrifice to the fox demon to summon her power, and Himeno, who wore an eyepatch, made a deal with a ghostly demon as her best weapon. Then there’s the demon of eternity, a huge creature that asked for Denji as a sacrifice in exchange for everyone else being free. Some demon hunters are sent to capture demons for bargains rather than kill them, although it is a risky proposition.

Demons can easily overwhelm most humans with their various powers in battle. No two fight in the same way, as they all represent different fears. The bat demon can fly while most cannot, while the fox demon has powerful jaws and the zombie demon can send hordes of undead minions to suffocate a victim in a multitude of grasping hands. This means that demon hunters must be prepared for anything. On the other hand, if they learn the name of a particular daemon, they can make educated guesses about how it works. Rarely do these demons have powers beyond the fears they represent. A shark demon, for example, is unlikely to breathe fire or shoot missiles.

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The insidious and predatory demons of Demon Slayer

Daki on Gyutaro's shoulders in Demon Slayer.

Murderer of demonsDemons are more and less predictable than devils. For one thing, most demons are roughly humanoid in their size and shape, with the gigantic hand demon being an aberration and Akaza and Daki being more the norm. Demons are not formed from humanity’s fears, but rather from Muzan Kibutsuji’s blood, turning humans into demons permanently. Unlike chainsaw manDemons Demons are vulnerable to sunlight and wisteria, and are unable to lend their powers to humans, but in return, are more adept at preying on humans as tactical predators.

Demons were once human and still have a familiar form, so they know how to blend in and take advantage of human society. The Daki himedere, for example, is an Upper Moon who posed as an oiran for many years, with no one seeing through her disguise, not even in the crowded Entertainment District. Demons are also more deliberate about their actions, carefully choosing human prey ahead of time and using ambushes and stealth to overwhelm them. The swamp demon was like that, he used his swamps to teleport to the girls’ rooms and kidnap them before anyone knew what was going on.

The demons also benefit from some semblance of organization with the Twelve Moons and Muzan leading the way. Ordinary demons are loners, but Muzan can coordinate the Moon’s actions to take down the Hashira one by one or ambush small squads of demon slayers along the way. One example was when the warlike Akaza was sent to take down Kyojuro Rengoku and Tanjiro’s squad when Enmu was killed. Muzan is a master of intrigue, and the twelve Moons take advantage of his advanced planning skills and his insight to guide his actions.

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Chainsaw Man’s Devils vs Demon Slayer’s Demons – Which race of monsters is more dangerous?

Demon Slayer - Akaza punching the air with his fists

Devils and demons are overwhelmingly powerful and terrifying. Ultimately, however, Murderer of demonsDemons are more effective predators and more worthy opponents for monster hunters. Despite their weaknesses against the sun and wisteria, the demons still have a huge advantage because they have Muzan to command them and superior stealth tactics. chainsaw man‘s Demons are often large, obvious monsters, making it difficult for them to gank and stealth unless a human puppet lures prey towards them. Demons can infiltrate any city, town, or even Tokyo undetected and attack when the time is right.

Demons also benefit from faster regeneration, especially moons, and have unpredictable powers with their demon blood arts. Demons are a known quantity due to their symbolic fears, but demons like Yahaba, Daki, and Enmu took the heroes by surprise because their appearance and personality did not reveal their capabilities. Demons’ stealth, ambushes, leadership, and unpredictable blood arts make them the most fearsome monsters in modern shonen.

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