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Doctor Who’s Jodie Whittaker and David Tennant ‘Fight’ for Fan’s Photo-Op

Jodie Whittaker and David Tennant share a Comic Con photo together, though only a Doctor Who star can hug the fan requesting this photo.

Two doctor who the stars have been caught playfully vying for control of who gets the best angle of the Comic-Con photo call.

A David Tennant fan account on Twitter shared an image billed as “The first photo of #DavidTennant and Jodie Whittaker at London Comic Con today.” In it, the Thirteenth Doctor actor can be seen hugging a fan as he comically pushes the Tenth/Fourteenth Doctor out of his grasp. That fan, going by the name jazzythirteen, also posted the photo of herself with the caption “I did it,” then retweeted it after the image received almost thirteen thousand likes. He also tweeted a solo photo shoot with Whittaker, writing: “I love her with all my heart.”

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The eleventh doctor becomes the fourteenth

Whittaker recently concluded his four-year career as doctor whoThe first Doctor of ‘s with the 87-minute special “The Power of the Doctor”. After succumbing to injuries inflicted by her rival Time Lord, the Master, the Thirteenth Doctor made her peace with death and welcomed the next incarnation of hers before finally regenerating. However, instead of becoming Ncuti Gatwa, who was announced earlier this year as Whiitaker’s successor, the Doctor surprisingly regenerated in the form of Tennant’s Tenth Doctor. So now dual-titled as the Fourteenth Doctor, the returning iteration will star in three episodes next November, reuniting with Tennant-era characters like Donna Noble while taking on a new antagonist played by Neil Patrick Harris.

Former showrunner Chris Chibnall, who also dated doctor who alongside Whittaker, recently spoke about how his final lines as the Doctor changed in post-production. Although he wanted Whittaker to end his run with the word “brilliant”, a nod to his first words as the Doctor, editor Becky Trotman convinced him to use the tag “it’s you!”. she quotes instead. “Seeing the performance and what Jodie had done… Becky said, ‘I just want to show you this scene with the last two lines reversed,’ and I was like, ‘Oh, that’s so much better!'” she recalled. However, Whittaker has expressed interest in returning to doctor who one day, admitting, “I told [showrunner] Russell T. Davies, ‘Never Think It’s Too Soon'”.

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Not much is known about the Gatwa Doctor, who was seen briefly in the BBC sneak peek for doctor who60th anniversary of . However, the 2022 Children In Need special confirmed that Coronation Street‘s Millie Gibson will play the Doctor’s new companion, Ruby Sunday. Gatwa later described her as “full of talent, strength, she’s got a cheeky twinkle in her eye and she’s razor sharp”. BBC also announced a partnership with Disney+ to broadcast the future doctor who episodes outside the UK and Ireland next year.

New doctor who The episodes will premiere in November 2023.

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