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Do Mark Grayson & Atom Eve End Up Together?

The following contains spoilers for Invincible and potentially spark a discussion about sexual assault and violence.

Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker and Ryan Ottley Invincible is bigger than ever, thanks to the success of the Amazon Prime Video animated series. This revitalized interest in the series, whose comic had finished publishing a few years ago. This has brought a whole new group of fans into the world of Mark Grayson and the Guardians of the Globe.

Those who have read the comics know that Mark’s true love is Samantha Eve Wilkins, aka Atom Eve. However, just like in the comics, he doesn’t start out on the show dating her. Mark and Eve’s relationship faced several ups and downs, many of which stemmed from their particularly violent superhero trappings. Here’s a look at the superhero couple’s love story and how it ended as the comic series came to a close.

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The love story of Invincible and Atom Eve

Mark and Eve had been friends and colleagues for a time when they became romantically involved, having served together as the superheroes Invincible and Atom Eve. For a while, Eve had been dating Rex Splode, but she eventually revealed to Mark that she harbored feelings for him even during this time. After a battle that led to Eve’s temporary kidnapping, the two officially began their relationship with a kiss.

Going on a series of romantic dates around the world, the pair form a security company called Invincible, Inc. This would see Eve essentially hire Mark for various superhero assignments when necessary, and her first case fit into the Invincible event. War. The fallout from this storyline caused the Viltrumite Conquest to attack Mark, with her brief attack on Atom Eve nearly killing her. This caused her to overclock her powers, severely injuring Conquest and allowing Mark to kill him.

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The heartbreak and reconciliation of Invincible and Atom Eve

Eve of the Invincible Atom

After admitting their love for each other and having a romantic encounter, Eve nervously discovers that she is pregnant by Mark. Unfortunately, he is subsequently drawn into the Viltrumite War, with a distraught Eve having a miscarriage in the interim. Upon her return, they become closer, Eve becoming pregnant again after moving in with the Graysons. They name the eventual girl Terra, as she represents Earth to them in her transfer to the alien world Talescria. However, things were strained due to Mark’s earlier rape at the hands of Anissa. Eve tries to comfort him with this news, but her attempts to start a family continue to struggle. Things only get more complicated when, after going into space for a battle, Mark enters a cave and his mind goes back in time, reliving events before he got the powers from him.

When she finally returns to the new present, she realizes that five years have passed in her absence, and that her little daughter is now a little girl. Although both are saddened by lost time, Mark and Eve reconcile and comfort each other. Though he leaves to build a new life for himself, Mark even lets Eve’s revealed affair slip by during her absence. Unfortunately, a potential new future for the family is nearly cut short when they are attacked by the villainous Thragg and his children. They also discover that Mark’s brother Oliver is dead, which sends Eve and Mark to attack Thragg’s home planet.

During the fight, Anissa appears and is mortally wounded beyond Eve’s ability to heal her. Anissa apologizes to Eve for what she did to Mark, and she also reveals that she had a secret child because of the act. Mark then connects with his son, who becomes the new Invincible in the future. Similarly, Terra and Mark finally mourn an incredibly old Eve on her deathbed, but just as she appears to pass away, her powers return her youth to her. Watching her daughter Terra grow up to be an upright young woman, Mark and Eve live a long life in the future, seemingly happily ever after.

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