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DnD Fan Made Subclass Turns Overwatch’s Roadhog Into a Barbarian

A fan on Reddit shares a custom subclass they created that allows players to turn their Dungeons & Dragons 5e Barbarian into Overwatch’s Roadhog.

A Redditor has created a custom subclass for Dungeons and Dragons that turns a barbarian into Roadhog of surveillance 2.

On November 22, 2022, u/InoxTheHealer uploaded an image to r/DnD detailing a custom subclass they created called Path of the Junker. The subclass works well for players who want to play Roadhog himself or gain access to a set of custom abilities modeled after the character’s gameplay in surveillance 2. Highlights include Roadhog’s signature grappling hook, Take a Breather, and even emulating his Ultimate.

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When a barbarian reaches third level, they gain access to subclasses called primal paths. Official primary paths are generally based on fighting styles, magical abilities, or connections to nature and encourage players to find in-universe justifications for their new powers. The Path of the Junker works best for an urban barbarian in a slightly more modern setting and focuses on crafting. Starting the path, Barbarians gain proficiency in two crafting tools, such as Carpenter’s Tools or Leatherworking Tools, and gain access to the class’ signature weapon, the Chain Hook. This ability works very similarly to the ability of the same name in surveillance 2 and allows characters to pull creatures 30 feet directly in front of them.

Take a Breather, an ability taken straight from the video game, unlocks at level six and heals the barbarian when they enter Rage, the class’s signature ability. The tenth level upgrades the Chain Hook, doubling the range and adding a chance to stun an enemy, forcing them to skip their next turn. Finally, at level 14, Roadhog’s Ultimate, Going Whole Hog, becomes available. This ability mirrors the effect of the game, throwing enemies away from them in a 15 foot cone.

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Roadhog was part of the opening roster for the original Supervision. The Australian enforcer turned bodyguard is the bodyguard of Junkrat, another playable hero in the game. His real name is Mako Rutledge, a farmer who was displaced from his land after the Australian government gave away a large tract of land to local Omnics. SupervisionThe race of intelligent robots that attacked humanity in Omnic Crisis. Mako and others formed the Australian Liberation Front and destroyed the city, irradiating the surrounding area and covering it with scrap metal and rubble. After seeing what he had done to his homeland, he donned the mask and took the nickname Roadhog.

The Path of the Junker is now available in homebrew D&D 5e games.

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