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Disney’s Star Wars Revealed Luke Skywalker Did Have a Mara Jade

It’s safe to say that fans are still divided on how the most recent Star wars movies evolved. Many believed that Disney was scrapping the Expanded Universe, only to have bits and pieces come back into play. However, they didn’t think that adequate time had been given for these arcs, especially the revival of Palpatine, to play out.

After all, the Emperor was suddenly brought to Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker, mimicking the clone bow from the Expanded Universe. Instead, some felt that this lore should have been drawn to improve Mark Hamill’s Luke Skywalker, rather than turn him into a bitter recluse who hated the Jedi Order. However, there is some comfort in knowing that Luke had his wife’s version of these non-canon stories, further reaffirming that the Expanded Universe is living spiritually in more ways than many realize.

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Star Wars Didn’t Officially Use Mara Jade

When the sequel movies revealed that Luke had tried to rebuild the Jedi, many thought they would bring in his wife, Mara Jade. She was a former Sith assassin like Darth Maul, who was meant to kill Luke, only to switch sides after mastering him. , Palpatine, died and the Empire fell. They would reform the Jedi, fight the terrorists, and work hard to make sure the Sith never returned.

They even had a son, Ben, with Luke finding hope and light like never before. Unfortunately, Jacen Solo (Han and Leia’s son) would fall prey to the dark side and murder Mara Jade. He felt that she was a traitor to the Sith, so he had to leave if he wanted to restart the sinister group. Such a direction could have gone a long way in making Luke a bit more palatable, with him and Mara Jade possibly working in a new Jedi sect, helping Rey unlock her future as Chosen One.

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Shadow of the Sith has a pastiche of Mara Jade

Luke Skywalker before his death, Star Wars

Adam Christopher’s 2022 novel, shadow of the sith, had someone quite similar to Mara Jade when Luke began investigating Ochi and clues that Palpatine’s cult was present. This woman was Komat, a Sith disciple who was part of the Acolytes of the Beyond. They were tasked with gathering relics and charting a path for Palpatine’s rebirth, but Komat turned his back on them when she realized they would destroy the galaxy.

This book eventually caused Luke and Lando to recruit her when their former colleague, Kiza, became possessed by a fearsome Sith Lord, the Exim Viceroy Panshard. Komat ended up working with Luke to hunt down the warrior, leading to a brutal battle where Kiza and Exim were killed. And make no mistake, Komat was pretty formidable on scrap, timing well with Luke. Even Lando noticed the chemistry from her, which gave Han and Leia a nod.

Eventually, Komat returned to his isolated planet of Polaar and offered Luke a place if he needed it. However, she was focused on Ben Solo and her young protégés, which felt like a missed opportunity, since she could have invited her to stay with him just over a decade later. Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi. After all, he was already reorganizing the religion, and since Komat didn’t want the old cult of his to rise up, this actually set up a Mara Jade arc. Ultimately, the potential was never realized as Luke would die years later fighting Kylo Ren, leaving fans wondering if perhaps in the time in between, there are secret stories and dates Lucasfilm has yet to put on paper.

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