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Disney CEO Bob Iger Expected to Give Creatives More Control Over Projects

By reversing the changes made by Bob Chapek, Bob Iger’s new turn as Disney CEO could give creators greater freedoms.

By undoing organizational changes imposed by his ousted predecessor (and former successor) Bob Chapek, former and new Disney CEO Bob Iger is expected to give content creators more freedom.

When Chapek, then handpicked by Iger, took over The Walt Disney Company in early 2020, he began to restructure his film and television operations, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. Among other measures, it established a distribution arm to determine the most suitable platform for any type of internal content. This effectively took the decision of whether new shows go to a streaming service or TV network, or whether a movie is released theatrically before being released digitally, out of the hands of content producers. As a consequence, those executives lost control over their budgets.

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However, Iger, whose comments about his former protégé have become increasingly scathing, disagrees. She has told people close to him that she didn’t think this new way of deciding launch channels and allocating budgets made sense, adding that it took away freedom from the creative side of the business. If Iger reverses Chapek’s shakeup, he will return control of the budget and creative freedom to content producers.

At the time, Chapek insisted that this strategy was established by changes in consumer habits. With a large chunk of the company’s audience shifting from theaters and network TV to streaming, especially during the pandemic, this was a way to prioritize the company’s own Disney+ service.

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In a shocking turn of events, Chapek was ousted with immediate effect from The Walt Disney Company on November 20 after the company posted weak quarterly performance and the former CEO failed to convey his acknowledgment of the situation in what many considered tone-deaf comments on the disastrous results. It wasn’t the first time the former chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts had drawn the ire of employees and the public alike as a Disney leader. Among other points, he also came under fire for his back-and-forth remarks about Florida’s controversial “Don’t Say Gay” law earlier this year, as well as price hikes on Disney+ and other company offerings.

Bob Iger’s first run as CEO of The Walt Disney Company ended after 15 years in February 2020, though he remained on the board until the end of 2021. Returning to Disney in November, he spent just 11 months away from the company.

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