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Disenchanted Fixes Enchanted’s Biggest Mistake

delighted is a modern example of a flawed but much-loved Disney classic. Amy Adams’ film features everything that makes a Disney film iconic. This includes aspects like a talking squirrel and elaborate but random musical numbers. But, 2007 delighted it doesn’t really feature the musical bombshell within its cast. Luckily, the highly anticipated sequel, disenchantedfixes this problem and gives Idina Menzel the spotlight she deserves.

disenchanted takes place about ten years after Giselle and Robert found their happy ending. At least, that’s what they thought at the end of delighted. Instead, years later, Giselle, Robert, Morgan, and baby Sofia move from busy Manhattan to a quaint suburb. Here, Giselle begins to realize that her happily ever after isn’t so happy after all. Yearning for some relief, Giselle makes a decision that accidentally changes everything in her world. Andalasia once again spills into the real world, bringing some familiar guests along the way.

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Enchanted’s biggest mistake was not letting Idina Menzel sing

delighted follows Giselle, the epitome of a clichĂ© Disney princess, as she searches for her true love. She finds herself lost in the heart of New York City, and reality isn’t very kind to the princess-to-be. In the cruel city, she meets Robert, a lawyer who seems to be her opposite. The Cynical Man, played by Grey’s Anatomy‘s Patrick Dempsey, help Giselle navigate a non-animated new life and find her true love’s kiss. This actually causes some problems for him and his girlfriend, Nancy. Menzel’s Nancy was not a major character in delightedbut he definitely should have appeared more, considering his background.

Idina Menzel is known for many iconic roles that she has starred in throughout her career. Which movie she is best known for is up for debate depending on which generation you ask. But, some of her most notable roles include the first Elphaba on Broadway. EvilMaureen in Rentand Queen Elsa at Disney’s Frozen. All these productions have one important thing in common: they are all musicals. Menzel is definitely known for her powerful voice on and off the Broadway stage. So, the fact that her voice didn’t appear at all in delighted it is strange and quite disappointing.

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Idina Menzel steals the show in Disenchanted


The last 15 years must have been worth it because disenchanted Don’t make this same mistake. Idina Menzel finally regains the spotlight for her, as she appears in a couple of musical numbers in delightedthe sequel to . The first of these is a duet called “La Magia de AndalucĂ­a” that she sings with Prince Edward. Menzel is especially known for her powerful hymns, such as frozen 2is “Into the unknown”. No wonder such a song appears on disenchanted. This song “Love Power” really shows off her vocal prowess. She also repeats a remixed version of the second song over the end credits.

After a long wait, Disney fans delighted finally getting to (more or less) return to Andalusia. disenchanted it features the same satirical yet whimsical charm of its predecessor. Unlike delightedHowever, the Disney+ sequel features more of its talented cast and especially Idina Menzel.

Hear the iconic voice of Idina Menzel in Disenchanted, now available on Disney+.

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