Disappearances and Heartbreak Walkthrough – Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn DLC


Disappearance and anguish It is the seventh main mission of Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn. Thinking that she is causing a lot of trouble, Nazamil decides to stay away from her friends and sets out to find out what’s wrong with herself.

Read on as we progress through the Vanishing and Anguish events in Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn and share some tips on how to complete each of the quest objectives.

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Go find Nazamil.

After spending the night at the camp, the group is shocked that Nazamil abandoned them, as he feels guilty for causing the recent problem.

Weeks passed, but they couldn’t get any trace of where Nazamil had been. Kisara then gathered a report that said they saw someone who looked like Nazamil on Trasilda Highway.

Fast travel to the camp in the area, then continue moving west to talk to the marked people.

Return to Viscint

Return to Viscint and head towards the palace, where some Renans are arguing with a guard. After the Renans left, the guard reported that Drashin had been looking for them.

Nazamil briefly appears in front of them, but then disappears once again.

Find Drashin

Go to the west side of Viscint to find Drashin. He will then ask you for help in delivering a letter to Bregon in Cysloden.

Deliver the letter to Bregon in Cysloden.

Take the Traslida Highway and head west until you reach Cysloden. Head to the Central Plaza and follow the marker to the Riville Prison Tower to find Bregon, who is inside the office. Talk to him and give him the letter.

Look around Cysloden

Take the time to explore Cysloden and then head into the Alley to find the former informant who will ask you for help finding his friend.

Find the missing person in the snowy plains of Nevira

Take Fountain Plaza Avenue south from where you are, then head west to reach Nevira Snowplains.

Head to the southwest of the lake to find an injured Renan.

Report to client

After helping Renan, he insists that he’s heading to his hideout and would like you to tell his friend that he’s okay. She fast travels back to the alley to talk to the informant about her friend.

Go to Ulzebek

After the mission, Shionne suggests heading to Ulzebek and revisiting the place. She can take the long route across the snowy plains or fast travel directly to the city.

Once you arrive in Ulzebek, you will be greeted by some townspeople who will ask you for help gathering materials so they can continue with the construction of their house.


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