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Directors Like Quentin Tarantino Don’t Work for Marvel Movies

Throughout his career, Quentin Tarantino wore his comic book nerd badge on his sleeve. So, he may have surprised fans when he said that he would never work for DC or Marvel Studios. However, he’s absolutely right, and these studios should realize that big-name directors aren’t what they need.

In reserve dogs, future Emil Blonsky Tim Roth prepares to go undercover with a Silver Surfer poster prominently displayed in the background. In fact, at the height of Tarantino’s popularity as a director, he tried to make movies based on Silver Surfer and Luke Cage. Interestingly, Laurence Fishburne was Tarantino’s first choice to play Cage, but he ended up playing the Silver Surfer in his second. Fantastic four movie. So when he recently said that he would never direct for DC or Marvel Studios, it came as a shock. “I’m not a day laborer,” he said, adding, “I’m not looking for work.” Whether this was a slight or not, Tarantino is right. With all due respect to Sam Raimi, experienced directors with established voices should stay away from these movies.

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Quentin Tarantino’s talent would be wasted on a Marvel Studios movie

What makes Tarantino-level directors special is how they capture a vision that only they can see for audiences. In Tarantino’s case, he’s also the writer, so he’s only limited by imagination and the reality of the budget. However, Marvel Studios films are not singular visions but, like the comics that inspired them, a collaborative product. Perhaps that’s why a couple of sitcom directors became the biggest directors in the franchise. Joe and Anthony Russo came from television and essentially made it easy to film someone else’s show. So, they went to Marvel Studios and did the same thing.

His first movie, Captain America: Winter Soldier, is one of the most universally acclaimed Marvel Studios movies. However, most of the cast, costume design, and most other decisions that are normally left to the director were made before they were even hired. Still, they made four separate movies, two of which contained dozens of characters and massive action sequences. With all the money Marvel Studios has to invest in the talent to bring all of that to life, the exorbitant fee an auteur director would charge would go to waste. If Tarantino wanted to tell a comic or star trek story, you must create your own. even something like brightburn who shamelessly believes that Superman would be the full Tarantino version of that story. It makes sense that Marvel Studios would draw on the talents of TV writers and directors to handle future features.

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New directors are the ones who help make Marvel Studios movies different

Eternal Ikaris Gemma Chan

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has a sort of “house style” of directing, much like TV series with many directors. Still, this doesn’t mean they’re flat films devoid of a director’s vision. Iron Man Y iron Man 3 he shares everything except one director, and viewers can see him reflected in every movie. Each director’s flourish is not so different that the films become incongruous. Stylistic choices are more subtle and nuanced. Both Ant Man Y Black Panther “They look like Marvel movies.” However, respective directors Peyton Reed and Ryan Coogler are dynamic filmmakers, and each of those movies feels like one of their movies, too.

The next director to perform in Wakanda will inherit even more than Ryan Coogler did when he took up the challenge. Handing over the keys to these huge characters and stories to young filmmakers is smart. They’ll get a film education like no other while honing their own style and voice in a nuanced way. That, in turn, will bring freshness to the characters, some of whom are reaching their tenth film appearance. Tarantino also said that young filmmakers hope that superhero movies will follow the path of the musical. However, it’s the young filmmakers who will make sure they don’t.

Directors like Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino or the Wachowskis should not dive into the waters of DC or Marvel Studios. They should continue to create new worlds as only they can. It’s the filmmakers who are still eager and learning that will keep these superhero stories fresh for decades to come.

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