Diablo 4 Patch v1.2.0b fixes several bugs and improves stability.


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  • Diablo 4 has received another minor update, v1.2.0b, which squashed a few notable bugs and improved the game’s stability.
  • Item bug that caused bonus items from the Blizzcon Collection to be awarded early, as well as the Battle Pass reward being less than the required platinum.
  • Although small, this is the second update after the release of Season of Blood, which was released a few days ago on October 17, 2023.

Blizzard Entertainment has released v1.2.0b for Diablo 4., which removes many bugs and improves overall stability. The update fixed an issue where bonus items Blizzcon Collection The placeholder was given initially, indicating the content. gave Season of blood The battle pass has also been adjusted and should now reward 700 platinum.

Diablo 4 v1.2.0b Patch Notes.

In addition to fixing item bugs and unintended battle pass rewards, the update also fixed an issue that caused players to “Original ID” Names to display locally in the clan menu by default. Various stability improvements have also been made, but given that these are not detailed in the description. Patch noteswe can expect them to be trivial.

This is the second update after the release of Season of blood On October 17th the first update, v1.2.0a, went live the next day and Which is meant to fix the crossplay bug.. Since the start of the game, It has seen great success.but it got a lot more Criticism after patch 1.1Which only increased during Season 1. This was mainly due to the extreme negativity of various aspects of the game.

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The developers seem to have learned from this incident and significantly improved Season 2, or Season of Blood. Even so, a few bugs here and there are expected, which the devs have largely fixed within days of the update, showing consistency and good communication with fans. As long as such bugs are reported in the game, we can see more such updates coming frequently.

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