Diablo 4 Loot Cave (Best Farming Method)



Loot Caves in Diablo 4 are optimal locations for farming massive amounts of loot from elite enemies, particularly at Iron Hold Dungeon, enhancing player progression through repeated enemy defeat and item collection. I have listed here the best farming method from loot caves in Diablo 4 that you should now sleep on. 

Key Takeaways

  • Loot Cave in Diablo 4 summons a massive amount of Elite Enemies that you can kill.
  • The best loot cave, for now, is Iron Hold Dungeon, which summons 20 or more elite enemies.
  • Killing 20 elite enemies will give you an insane amount of loot, and you can do it repeatedly. 
  • To unlock the dungeon, you would need to head over to the Margrave Waygate and head south.
  • If you have it unlocked already, then simply use the Ruins of Rakhat Keep Waygate.
  • The best way to kill all the elite enemies is by grouping them and using a massive AoE attack.
  • The recommended level for the dungeon is 35, as at that level, you would be able to complete it in 5-7 mins.
  • I would recommend you to reach World Tier 4 first and then start farming, but if that’s hard for you, then you can farm at world tier 3.
  • Do not use gold or magic items, as they will make the whole farming process slower.

What Is Loot Cave In Diablo 4?

Loot Caves in Diablo 4 are particular locations in the game’s world where players can defeat large numbers of elite enemies for high-quality loot. Iron Hold Dungeon is currently the most rewarding Loot Cave due to its high density of elite enemies.

Repeatedly clearing the dungeon on the highest accessible World Tier maximizes the loot and experience gained. However, players should avoid unnecessary usage of gold and magic items to keep their run times quick and efficient. This farming technique greatly accelerates character growth.

Diablo 4 Iron Hold Dungeon

Iron Hold Dungeon

This dungeon won’t be unlocked for all of the players, so the first step is to unlock it. It is located in Hawezar. To unlock it, head over the Margrave Waygate and head south. If you have already unlocked it, then to get to it, use the Ruins of Rakhat Keep Waygate. By doing so, you will reach the best Loot cave in Diablo 4.

Iron Hold Dungeon spawns way more Elite Enemies than a normal dungeon. In this case, you can encounter around 20 elite enemies in just a single run which is insane.

  • The level of this dungeon is 35, so you would need to be at least level 35 to clear it in 5 to 7 minutes.
  • However, if your level is more than 35, you will be able to clear it even faster.
  • The best possible way to defeat them is to group them first and attack with massive AoE damage.
Massive AoE Damage

Tips And Tricks To Farm Loot

The followings are the tips and tricks you should follow to have an effective farming session in Diablo 4 Loot Cave:

Group Up Your Enemies

Grouped Up Enemies

The first thing you must keep in your mind is grouping up the enemies. If you don’t group them up, it will take so much time to kill them separately as they are elite enemies. When you have grouped, then use the strongest AoE attack you have at your disposal. By doing so, you will be able to kill all the enemies asap.

Do Not Use Gold And Magic Items

You will not be just killing the enemies if you want to farm some insane amount of loot. You would need to do it again and again. So, to make the whole process quicker, I would recommend you not to use the gold and magic items. These items will make your run slow, which will result in less loot. If you don’t use the gold and magic items, you will be able to clear the Iron Hold Dungeon faster.

Reach World Tier 4 First

I am not saying that it is a must to reach the world tier 4. You can farm as much as you want in the lower tiers, but world tier 4 will give you the highest XP and loot from this dungeon. So, you should farm the dungeon with the highest world tier possible for you. If you can’t manage the world tier 4, then I would recommend you to stick to the 3rd one. However, if you want to aim for the world tier 4 then, then choose the best team containing the best class.

That is almost what you would want to know about the famous Diablo 4 Loot Cave. In the loot cave, you will be able to farm some insane amount of loot, so make sure to take full advantage of it. While you are in it, check out the complete explanation of Item Power Breakpoints to have a better idea of it. After that, do read the guide on the best aspects of all 5 classes. Do not forget to visit the page of Best Ice Shards Build in Diablo 4.

Make sure to read the complete guide on best tank classes to know about their builds, skills, and aspects. Lastly, check out the best endgame class in Diablo 4 if you are having a hard time.

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