Diablo 4 Legendary Items and Power Up Codes Details

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Blizzard recently shared new details on the Diablo 4 Legendary Items and Codes of Power feature.

I Latest developer update stream, Diablo 4 game director Joe Shelley and associate game director Joseph Papiura discuss details about the upcoming video game, focusing on how legendary items are being handled. This time Codex of Power is now the new way of how legendary items work as it becomes a catalog of legendary aspects.

According to two executives, Codex of Power allows players to choose from a catalog of legendary aspects. These can then be applied to a piece of equipment that they wish to improve. There are still items and weapons that will drop to the ground, but the legendary items are now gone. Now they can unlock these legendary aspects by completing certain dungeons for the first time. Note that this isn’t the only way to unlock these powers, but it’s not shown in the video.

After unlocking their favorite legendary aspects, players can head back to town to find a wizard’s shop. They can hand their items to the shop owner and have them imbue the item with a legendary aspect of their choice. This will change the playstyle of players and finally cut the curse of Diablo 3, which was random drops in every dungeon raid.

It was clarified that barbarians could use legendary aspects for a druid or necromancer, but later. This works both ways as long as the characters stats allow it.

Diablo 4 launches on June 6, 2023 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


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