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Diablo 4  has a ton of dungeons that allow players to farm elite enemies and clear the dungeons to get their hands on the rewards such as Best Aspects and important loot. Players might want to know about one of the best loot spots to farm. Therefore, a detailed walkthrough of how to clear the Diablo 4 Iron Hold Dungeon might be required to obtain the Fastblood Aspect! 

Important: Players should know that obtaining the two Bloodstones requires fighting elite enemies that require your character to be strong.

Key Takeaways

  • The Iron Hold in Diablo 4 is a dungeon that can be navigated and features a plethora of elite enemies to fight. 
  • The dungeons reward players with the Fastblood Aspect for the Necromancer class, which reduces the Ultimate Cooldown by 0.5-1.0 seconds. 
  • It is located in the Hawezar area near the Ruins of Rakhat Keep. 
  • Iron Hold features a few essential items players need, such as the Jailer’s Key and 2 Bloodstones that must be taken to the Pedestal. 
  • A few critical areas in Iron Hold include the Awoken Cells, Locked Door, and Halls of Malice. 
  • The final boss, Scourge of the Land, must be defeated to obtain the Fastblood Aspect

Below is a table of what players can expect in the Iron Hold dungeon.

Iron Hold Dungeon Description
Location Hawezar
Rewards Fastblood Aspect
Enemies Vengeful Spirits, Skeleton Corpse Axe, Xanthus, Ruinmaws, Wardens and more.
Boss Scourge Of The Land
Objectives -Slay the Malevolent Spector while collecting the Jailer’s Key
-Open the locked door using the Jailer’s Key
-Go to the Halls of Malice
-Return the Bloodstone back to the Pedestal

What Is The Iron Hold In Diablo 4? 

Like many others, the Diablo 4 Iron Hold is a dungeon allowing players to navigate through elite enemies such as Demons. 

  • As far as it is concerned, the Iron Hold Dungeon is known to be one of the best farming locations for Legendary Items, which allows players to become even stronger while playing Diablo 4. 
    Iron Hold
    Iron Hold (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The Dungeon features Scourge of the Land as the final boss, challenging and requiring excellent combat skills
  • Iron Hold is located in the Ruins of Rakhat Keep area within the Hawezar location and can be accessed from there. 
  • Iron Hold rewards players with the Diablo 4 Iron Hold Aspect, the Fastblood Aspect. 

How To Clear Iron Hold Dungeon 

The Diablo 4 Iron Hold dungeon is located towards the Ruins of Rakhat Keep in the Hawezar area, and it can be traced on the map it shows up as a level 58 dungeons and is a scourge that stirs within the bowels of a decaying prison. 

Diablo 4 Dungeon Entrance 

Asa you come close to the dungeon’s entrance, players should be able to get close and interact with the dungeon, allowing them to be transferred into Iron Hold. 

Dungeon Entrance
Dungeon Entrance (Image Credits Exputer)
  1. You enter the Awoken Cells area as soon as you enter inside, and you should be able to navigate through it. 
    Awoken Cells
    Awoken Cells (Image Credits Exputer)
  2. Head to the first room on the left, and there should be a jail door that you can head closer to and open up, leading you into another room. 
    Jail Door
    Jail Door (Image Credits Exputer)
  3. As you head there, turn right, and there will be a broken door frame, and towards the door frame, there should be a chest that you can loot.
    Chest (Image Credits Exputer)
  4. Open the chest, and you can obtain some gold. 
    Vengeful Spirit
    Vengeful Spirit (Image Credits Exputer)
  5. Keep heading straight, and there is another door that you can enter, and enemies like the Vengeful Spirit will be waiting for you to take them down, and there will be about  5-6 of the Vengeful Spirit mobs.

Cursed Shrine 

Artillery Shrine
Artillery Shrine (Image Credits Exputer)

After defeating the Vengeful Spirits, you can continue heading further on, and after heading a bit deeper, you can interact with the Artillery Shrine. There will be five enemy waves that players will encounter, and you will need to defeat as many enemies within the time limit as possible. 

More Vengeful Spirits
More Vengeful Spirits (Image Credits Exputer)
  1. Even more Vengeful Spirit mobs will be waiting for you there, but they are relatively easy to defeat. Therefore it won’t take up much of your time. 
    Shambling Corpse
    Shambling Corpse (Image Credits Exputer)
  2. Another enemy like the Shambling Corpse will be needed to deal with. 
  3. The Skeleton Corpse Axe enemies might be a little bit tougher to deal with. Therefore, players should focus on using their skills efficiently.
    Event Complete
    Event Complete (Image Credits Exputer)
  4. Defeat the opponents, and you can get loot, such as gold or gloves. 

After the wave of enemies has been murdered, the Cursed Shrine event is completed, and it gives you the ability to attack faster and also be able to summon holy arrows. You can grab the chest for items such as Emeralds, Blightshade, Coiling War, Sigil Powder, and more. 

Obtaining The Jailer’s Key 

When you head into the Diablo 4 Iron Hold Dungeon, one of your objectives will be to slay the Malevolent Spector and collect the Jailer’s Key. 

  1. After you have completed the Cursed Shrine event, keep heading straight, and defeat more Vengeful Spirit enemies. 

    Even More Vengeful Spirits
    Even More Vengeful Spirits (Image Credits Exputer)
  2. Xanthus is an Elite opponent that also awaits you amidst the dungeon, and you need to take him down alongside the foes that Xanthus has been gathering
    Jailer's Key
    Jailer’s Key (Image Credits Exputer)
  3. After causing all opponents to meet their death, the Jailer’s Key can be picked up. 
  4. After that, you must head towards the Locked Door and use the Jailer’s Key to open it. 

First Bloodstone  

Locked Door
Locked Door (Image Credits Exputer)

After the Locked Door has been opened, start heading deeper within it, and you will come across a Demonic Corruption enemy, alongside which there will also be a Pit Lord mob and a few easier ones. 

Demonic Corruption
Demonic Corruption (Image Credits Exputer)
  1.  The enemies will continue to surround you, which can get overwhelming, but handling the opponents together means you must manage your health over everything. 
  2. Defeat them, then head down the stairs. And you will enter the Halls of Malice. 

    Halls Of Malice
    Halls Of Malice (Image Credits Exputer)
  3. Head into the Halls of Malice, and you can encounter an Infernal Sister, Ruinmaw, and a few easier enemies you must take down. 
    Bloodstone Pedestal
    Bloodstone Pedestal (Image Credits Exputer)
  4. In the Halls of Malice, players will need to return the Bloodstone to the Pedestal, and there are enemies such as Shivering Ruinmaw, Mirroring Ruinmaw, Burning Ruinmaws, and many others. 
  5. Grab the item that drops, then continue going further, making you fight more Warden-type enemies. 
    More Enemies
    More Enemies (Image Credits Exputer)
  6. Another chest is hidden towards the back of the area, which can drop gold, and an Infernal Sister enemy can be fought beside the chest. 
  7. Head past the Soul Shot, and many elite mobs, such as the Hellcaster Infernal Sister, await the player. 
    First Bloodstone
    First Bloodstone (Image Credits Exputer)
  8. After the enemies have been fought, you can head to the room on the right, and a Bloodstone will be placed on the ground that can be picked up and you want to head back to the Pedestal and return the first Bloodstone there.

Second Bloodstone 

After the first Bloodstone has been returned to the Pedestal, you will need another one to get closer to obtaining the Diablo 4 Iron Hold Aspect reward. 

  1. Head past the Iron Maiden statue, and defeat the enemies in the room in front. 
    Iron Maiden
    Iron Maiden (Image Credits Exputer)
  2. In the room, players will be invulnerable, which allows them to take on more than you would typically be able to bear with. 
    Second Bloodstone
    Second Bloodstone (Image Credits Exputer)
  3. After defeating the opponents, you can get the Second Bloodstone by heading to one of the broken jail cells in the room where you are invulnerable. 
    Returning To Bloodstone
    Returning To Bloodstone (Image Credits Exputer)
  4. Return to the Pedestal and interact with it to return the Bloodstone there. 
  5. Players can then head further to defeat the Scourge of the Lands boss
    Scourge Of The Land
    Scourge Of The Land (Image Credits Exputer)

How To Use The Fastblood Aspect In Diablo 4 

Fastblood Aspect
Fastblood Aspect (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, once you complete the Iron Hold dungeon, you will be able to obtain the Diablo 4 Iron Hold Aspect, and it will be done after defeating the Scourge of the Land, the final boss in the dungeon. Below listed is a summary of what the Fastblood Aspect can do. 

Fastblood Aspect Description
How To Obtain Codex of Power after completing the Iron Hold Dungeon, or extraction through a Legendary Item.
Specific Class Necromancer
Use Utility
Effects Blood Orbs are able to reduce your overall Ultimate Cooldown by 0.5-1.0 seconds.
Dungeon Iron Hold


And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about the Diablo 4 Iron Hold guide, and with that, let’s wrap up the guide! While you’re here, read up on the Diablo 4 Sorceress Leveling Build guide. Apart from that, the Diablo 4 Blood And Sweat guide features the complete walkthrough for the quest!

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