Diablo 4: How To Beat Andariel (Act IV Final Boss)



Andariel made her first appearance in Diablo 2 and now she is back to terrorize players once again in Diablo 4. Many players have reported having a ton of trouble with this boss and she may even be the first real challenge that will players will come across in Diablo 4. Andareil is the final boss of Act IV and appears in the quest Anguish Incarnate. Therefore one must know how to defeat Andariel Diablo 4 if they even wish to make it past Act IV.

Key Takeaways

  • Andariel hits exceptionally hard therefore one mustn’t get greedy and should take their time with this boss fight.
  • It is important to stay within the arena during the boss fight as the sandstorm will chip away at your health.
  • During the first phase, Andariel will use the Rune Chain attack, an AOE attack, and some fire skulls.
  • The AOE and the skulls attack are easy to dodge as players only need to get out of their way.
  • The Rune Chain attack is quite dangerous as they can trap the players within their radius therefore players need to be ready to dodge them at a moment’s notice.
  • During the second phase, Andariel will start attacking the players with a chain. The best course of action is to wait for her to attack, dodge, get behind her, and start attacking.

How To Defeat Andariel In Diablo 4?

diablo 4 andariel
Andariel Boss Fight (Image Taken by eXputer)

As soon as you enter the arena, the very first thing you’ll notice is that the boss arena is quite small. This is one of the numerous elements that make this boss fight a bit of a challenge for players. This boss fight comprises two phases. From my personal experience, I found the second phase easier than the first one but we’ll talk more about it in detail later.

Before I start explaining what to do in each of the phases, I will recommend being at least level 30 before you engage this boss, consider reading our guide Diablo 4 XP farm in case you are under-leveled.

The one thing you need to remember throughout the fight is to not get greedy. Andariel hits exceptionally hard and the last thing you want is to lose this battle of endurance at the very end. So keep in mind your health and take your time with this boss fight. 

Also, don’t go into the sandstorm that covers the arena because it will slowly chip away at your health. Stay close to the boss at all times, but not too close, it may be scary but it is the best thing you can do in this fight. Now let’s get into what will be the best course of action in every phase against Andariel Diablo 4

Andariel Phase 1

diablo 4 andariel
Phase 1 of Andariel boss fight (Image Captured by eXputer)

As soon as you enter the arena, you’ll notice that Andariel’s arms are chained up. The three attacks that she will be using most frequently in this phase are the Rune Chains, a fire skulls attack, and an AOE attack.

What I personally like to do when fighting a boss for the very first time is to focus more on my defense and learn the attack patterns of the boss rather than fighting. That way, I can learn to improvise, adapt, overcome, and decimate my opponent more quickly.  

Fire Skull And AOE Attacks

Dodging the fire skulls and the AOE attack is quite easy. As the fire skulls appear, you only need to run around the arena and dodge them.

As for the AOE attack, just as Andariel Diablo 4 loads up her attack, you will see red lines on the ground, steer clear of them and if you were side by side with Andariel when those lines appeared, dodge immediately as they pack quite a punch. Finishing your combo here is not worth it here. 

The Rune Chain Attack

As you are attacking Andariel, she will occasionally summon Rune Chains from the ground, which are designed to chain you up and trap you within the radius of the Rune Chains.

While you will be able to see the radius of these traps beforehand, even if you are a split second late, you will most probably not have enough time to react and get out of the radius. Therefore, be ready to reach at a moment’s notice as soon as you see those Rune Chains pop up from the ground.

Even if you do get chained up, don’t panic and start attacking the Rune Chain. But if Andariel starts loading up her AOE attack which is also one of her most powerful attacks then instead of wasting time to try and break the Rune Chain, you need to think strategically and dodge the attack like you can see me doing in the image below. Breaking the Rune Chain can come after that.

how to escape the chains
Dodging the AOE attack (Image credit: eXputer)

Andariel Phase 2

diablo 4 andariel
Phase 2 of Andariel Boss Fight (Image Credit goes to eXputer)

At one point of the boss fight, Andariel will fall to the ground and break the chains on her arms, I’d recommend using this time to your advantage and showering Andariel with your most powerful attacks while she is in her phase 2 transition animation.  

Once in phase 2, she will gain an additional chain attack and it will be her primary attack throughout the rest of the boss fight. She will start swinging her chain around but it is not unblockable, you will have ample time to notice Andariel Diablo 4 preparing to swing her chain thus allowing you to prepare your dodge as well. From here, it’s only dodge and attack until the end of the fight.

One thing to remember is to not get greedy, keep up the offense but be ready to dodge at a moment’s notice. And with that, my guide on How To Defeat Andariel Diablo 4 comes to an end. I myself was using a DPS character, but we also have a guide on all the BEST classes in Diablo 4 in case you are interested.

In case you are still having trouble with Andariel then it might be best to shift your attention to other activities first and take advantage of the Loot Caves, obtaining the Best Aspects, Gems, and getting your hand on some unique items as well. Or you can take reassurance from this Reddit post knowing that you are not the only one having trouble with this boss and learn from the advice of other players as well. But that’s all from me. 

I hope my guide helped you out. Diablo 4 is available now on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. Do let me know what you think about the game in the comment section below.


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