Diablo 4: Brought To Heel (Mushroom Location Guide)



Brought to Heel in Diablo 4 is a side quest task that requires the players to locate, collect, and hand over a specific red mushroom to one of the characters. Although its location is easy to find, tracing and collecting it in that location is more challenging. That said, this guide will provide you with the pinpoint location of Red mushrooms in Diablo 4 and give you all the information you need on them.

Key Takeaways

  • Brought to Heel is a side quest in Diablo 4 based in the harbor town Backwater in the Forsaken Coast area of Hawezar.
  • The task involves locating, collecting, and handing over a specific red mushroom to a character named Lumir.
  • The mushroom’s location is easy to find but may be more challenging to collect due to a large blue circle that marks the area.
  • Despite not providing power-enhancing rewards, completing the quest gives players Hawezar Renown, allowing them to obtain more health potions quickly.
  • Players can take on this quest early by visiting Backwater at the start of Diablo 4.
  • The rewards for completing the “Brought to Heel” quest are the following:
    1. Rare gear
    2. XP
    3. Gold
    4. 20 Hawezar Renown points which are useful for acquiring extra healing potions.
  • Players can earn more Renown points by discovering the Altars of Lilith and completing side dungeons.

What Is Brought To Heel In Diablo 4?

Brought to Heel quest location (Image Credit: eXputer)

There are many side quest tasks that you can choose to complete in Backwater, a harbor town in the Forsaken Coast area of Hawezar, and Brought to Heel is one of them. It requires you to get the set of Red Wild mushrooms from a specific area and hand it over to Lumir. In return, you’re awarded multiple rewards.

Interacting with Lumir (Image Credit: eXputer)

That said, the red mushroom might not give you any power-enhancing reward, but completing Brought to Heel gives you some Hawezar renown. This item helps you get more health potions easily and quickly. Although this quest usually comes later in Diablo 4, if you want to complete this quest early, come to the Backwater at the start of Diablo 4 and grab Wild Red mushrooms to complete Brought to Heel task.

Where To Find Red Mushroom In Diablo 4?

Mushroom Location – Blue Circle (Image Credit: eXputer)

To get the red mushroom, go into east Hawezar to the Forsaken Coast. Once in there, try to find where Red Mushroom is as it is hard to miss once you’ve reached the coast. Once you see it, grab it. But, this is easier said than done, as you’ll find a huge blue circle marking that area, confusing you about where to find this mushroom.

Brought To Heel Walkthrough

Wild Red Mushroom in Diablo 4 (Image Credit: eXputer)

You can start this quest by talking to Lumir about this mushroom.

  1. He’s standing right next to the Backwater at the top right corner, a town in the Hawezar region of Sanctuary.
  2. This area is a northern subregion which is also called the Forsaken Coast.
  3. After talking to him, move towards the area called Exile’s Heap.
  4. This is above the town where Lumir lives.
  5. If you don’t understand this location on the map, simply head over to the town above the Lumir area.
  6. Here you’ll find a huge blue circle, and once in it, go to the top of the region.
  7. If you can’t detect where Wild Red Mushrooms are, look for a small pool of water in the surroundings.
  8. There will be a dead body lying next to the pool.
  9. So, if you can’t find the pool, look for the dead body.
  10. These red mushrooms in Diablo 4 will be immediately to the right of it.
  11. You can’t collect them while being on the mount.
  12. So, you need to get off your horse and look for the mushrooms

Remember that you might have to kill a few enemies in your quest to find this fungus.

Quest Rewards

Brought To Heel quest complete (Image Credit: eXputer)

You will be awarded Rare gear, XP, and Gold as bonuses if you can complete this task. You’ll also get the 20 Hawezar Renown points to gain extra healing potions. Having more healing potions can help you get past difficult World Tiers quickly. You can also get your hands on more Renown points by finding altars of Lilith and completing side dungeons.

Brought to Heel is a captivating side quest in Diablo 4 that merges exploration, combat, and intrigue as players venture through the misty harbor town of Backwater, located on the Forsaken Coast of Hawezar. Despite the seemingly mundane task of collecting a red mushroom, this particular quest underscores Diablo’s classic charm— that beautifully blends simple fetch quests with complex strategies and combat sequences.

With this, I must conclude my Brought to Heel side quest guide walkthrough in Diablo 4 to an end. While solving the Brought to Heel mission is surely interesting, reading Diablo 4: How To Get Grandfather Sword, Diablo 4: How To Get Grandfather Sword, Black River, Damage Buckets, and Fractured Peaks: All Side Quest Locations will also be a knowledgeable experience for you as well. So don’t miss out on reading these as well.


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