Diablo 4: All Gem Upgrade Levels & Types



In Diablo 4, players can find seven Gem types, each available in five different levels. As the level of a Gem increases, its effects also increase. To level up their Diablo 4 gem levels, head to Jeweller, who can combine three Gem of lower levels into a single Gem of the next level.

Key Takeaways

  • Gems in Diablo 4 add unique effects to gear and enhance gameplay.
  • There are five different levels of Gems: Crude, Chipped, Standard, Flawless, and Royal.
  • Players can upgrade Gem levels by combining three Gems of the previous level through a Jeweller.
  • There are seven Gem types in Diablo 4, each offering unique bonuses and enhancements.
  • Gem upgrading becomes available at level 20, and higher-level Gems can be created at levels 40, 60, and 70.
  • Upgrading Gems unlocks more powerful effects and benefits for weapons, armor, and jewelry.

What Are Gems?

Diablo 4 Gems
Gems in Diablo 4 – (Image by eXputer)

Gems are used as a means to add unique effects to your gear and benefit from them in combat. Upon reaching Level 15, players can acquire gems through various means, such as searching chests, looting enemies, or interacting with objects. 

All Gem Levels In Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Upgrading Gems Level
Upgrading Gems Level in Diablo 4 – (Image by eXputer)

In Diablo 4, Gems are categorized into five different levels, beginning with Crude at the lowest tier and culminating with Royal at the highest tier. As players interact with Jewellers, they have the opportunity to elevate their Gem levels to the next tier, unlocking more powerful effects and benefits.

Gem Level Level Craft Requirement
Crude Gem Level 15 N/A
Chipped Gem Level 20 3 Crude Gems & 4,500 Gold
Standard Gem Level 40 3 Chipped Gems & 12,500 Gold
Flawless Gem Level 50 3 Standard Gems & 18,000 Gold
Royal Gem Level 60 3 Flawless Gems & 50,000 Gold

As your character progresses and gains levels, you will have the chance to utilize higher-tier Gem levels in Diablo 4.

All Gem Types

Diablo 4 have seven Gem types that players can collect throughout their journey. These Gems offer unique bonuses and enhancements that directly impact your weapon, armor, and jewelry.

Gem Weapon Bonus Armor Bonus Jewelry Bonus
Ruby Buffs Overpower type Damage Buffs Maximum Life Buffs Fire Resistance
Sapphire Buffs Critical Strike Damage to Crowd-controlled Enemies Reduces Damage when Fortified Buffs Cold Resistance
Topaz Buffs Basic Skill Damage Reduces Damage while Impaired Buffs Lightning Resistance
Emerald Buffs Critical Strike Damage to Vulnerable Enemies Buffs Thorns Damage Buffs Poison Resistance
Amethyst Buffs Damage dealt over time Reduces Damage taken over time Buffs Shadow Resistance
Diamond Buffs Ultimate Skill Damage Buffs Barrier effects Buffs Resistance to all Elements
Skull Health regenerates after kills Buffs Healing amount received Buffs all Armor Stats

How To Upgrade Gem Levels?

Players can upgrade their gem levels through Jeweller once they reach level 20. The Gem Crafting quest introduces players to Kratia, a Jeweller located in Kyovashad, whom they must speak to in order to initiate the gem upgrading process. After a brief conversation with Kratia, players will gain access to any Jeweller across Sanctuary to upgrade their gems.

  • Combine three gems of the previous rarity to create the higher-level gems.
  • You will also need gold in addition to three gems.
  • Once you reach level 40, you can combine three of the upgraded gems for even more powerful gems.
  • At levels 60 and 70, you unlock the ability to create Flawless and Royal gems, respectively.

That’s all you need to know about the Gem Levels Upgrade. Remember that the best gem choice depends on your class and build. You will also need the Best Aspects for your class to fully utilize your gems and take advantage of them in combat. 


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