Destiny Made Over $160 Million In Microtransaction Revenue In Less Than 2 Years



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  • Destiny made over $160 million in MTX revenue from November 2017 to February 2019. At that time, this was the highest post-launch expansion for the franchise.
  • This data was gathered via the Global Associate Consumer Marketing Manager of Destiny, who has since removed it from his LinkedIn profile.
  • Since the data only consists of the revenue made in less than two years, the overall MTX revenue should be much higher.
  • These numbers are from when Activision was Destiny’s publisher. However, after Bungie separated from the giant company, it adopted a self-publishing model, making it harder to speculate how well the game is doing.

Senior Marketing Manager Matt Welsh’s LinkedIn profile has revealed that Destiny made over $160 million in MTX revenue during his time at Activision. He worked as a Global Associate Consumer Marketing Manager on Destiny from November 2017 to February 2019 and facilitated Destiny in achieving its highest post-launch expansion goal at that point. The data is from when Activision was still the publisher of Destiny.

One of the entries within his LinkedIn’s “Experience” section states the following. Unfortunately, Welsh has already removed the specific numbers from his profile for reasons unknown, so you can only visualize the claimed data through the screenshot shown ahead. 

Championed the development of Destiny’s global thru-year live game marketing strategy using consumer insights and best practices. The result was the highest post-launch expansion attach ever for the franchise at 48% and $160 million in MTX revenue.”


Since Welsh only worked on this project briefly, he likely does not know the overall MTX revenue. As such, these numbers only accommodate the peak numbers that Destiny achieved a few years ago. For anyone wondering why the microtransaction revenue is so high, it is often the main form of revenue for games like Destiny 2. It may come off as a surprise, but microtransactions have been around for far longer than you think

Destiny is a multiplayer FPS game series developed by Bungie and published by Activision. After separating from Activision in 2019, Bungie developed a self-publishing model for Destiny, as it was Bungie’s first new console franchise after the Halo series. Destiny contains a multiplayer shared-world environment with hints of RPG. It is set in a mythic science fiction where activities are divided amongst PvE and PvP game types.

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