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Destiny 2: Weekly Eververse Bright Dust Inventory – 4/5/2022

Most of the objects provided within the Eververse retailer are solely purchasable with Silver, Destiny’s in-game paid foreign money. This signifies that—to purchase these things—gamers should spend actual cash on them. Every week, nonetheless, a small choice of these things can be placed on sale for Bright Dust, a foreign money earnable in-game, giving gamers an opportunity to purchase these things with out shelling out real-world money. Here are the objects obtainable for Bright Dust for the week of April 5, 2022.

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Bright Dust Offerings

Item Type Price (Bright Dust)
Concentrated Mattergem Consumable 200
Glimmershard Consumable 250
Scavengers Boon Consumable 250
Hold That Pose Legendary Emote 700
Solor Sails Exotic Ship 2,000
Capsule Gang Entrance Legendary Transmat Effect 450
Meditator Legendary Shader 300
Bug Catching Exotic Emote 3,250
Adonis Shell Exotic Ghost Shell 2,850
Atlas Runner Exotic Sparrow 2,500
The Pallbearer Exotic Ship 2,000
Sweet Embrace (Hunter) Armor Ornament for Omnioculus 1,500
Terminus Emmisary (Titan) Armor Ornament for Cuirass of the Falling Star 1,500
Noveau Filigree (Warlock) Armor Ornament for Necrotic Grip 1,500
Standard Bearer Weapon Ornament for SUROS Regime 1,250
Hourglass Projection Legendary Ghost Projection 1,500
Smashing Success Legendary Shader 300
Metropolitan Acoustics Legendary Shader 300
Neopop Wave Legendary Shader 300
Wayfarer’s Guise Legendary Shader 300
Taken Arrival Legendary Transmat Effect 450
Reflection Effects Legendary Transmat Effect 450
Celebrate Newness Legendary Transmat Effect 450

Those are all objects on sale within the Eververse retailer for Bright Dust this week. These objects can be obtainable for buy till the subsequent weekly reset, which takes place at 1pm ET / 10am PT on April 12, 2022.

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