Destiny 2 Stasis Hunter Malfeasance and Lucky Pants Build



The Malfeasance Hand Cannon is a powerful weapon on its own but when paired with the right pieces of armor and mods, it becomes an absolute beast for a damage dealer.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to make an exotic hand cannon with Lucky Paints. This build is great in PvE and somewhat serviceable in PvE. This particular build also supports disc field grenades to generate stasis shards.

Stasis Hunter Malfeasance and Lucky Pants Build

Destiny 2 Stasis Hunter Malfeasance and Lucky Pants Build 01

Hunter Subclass – Revenant


  • Dodge by Mark Manns
  • Triple jump
  • Withering blade
  • Disc Field Grenade


  • Heavy harvest
  • A touch of winter


  • Whisper of Shards
  • A whisper of rendering
  • Rem’s whisper
  • Whisper of Doom
  • A whisper of stimulation

This build needs the most important part to work. The serious side of the harvest And A whisper of a piece of ram. If you don’t already have them, you’ll need to pursue the Exo Stranger quest in Europa and expand your knowledge of Stasis. A whisper of rendering It’s also somewhat key to this build as it allows you to deal 50% more damage on frozen enemies and 100% more damage on stasis crystals.

You’ll also need a specific armor mod to make this whole thing work. But we’ll get to that later. Just know that whenever we defeat a frozen or slowed enemy we are using Grim Harvest for stasis shards and Whisper of Rime allows us to collect stasis shards to create a temporary overshield. On the off chance that you haven’t reloaded your primary and run out of energy weapons, Whisper of impetus will reload stored weapons and allow you to quickly whip out your hand cannon.

Every other aspect is optional. This build is particularly fond of Duskfield Grenades for area denial and very low cooldown, which we want to go with Whisper of Torment and Impetus.

Armor mods

Helmet – Any

  • Kinetic Siphon
  • Harmonic Siphon
  • Elemental charge

Gauntlets – Arch

  • Momentum transfer
  • Powerful friend

Chest Armor – Solar

  • Your choice of weapon inventory
  • Bountiful Wales

Leg Armor – Lucky Pants – Void

  • Better than ever
  • Insulation
  • High energy fire

Class Item – Stasis

  • Distribution
  • Elemental Shards

As mentioned earlier, this whole build works well with elemental shards. This mod makes it as if Stasis Shards count as Stasis Elemental Wells for your character. If you visit Ada-1 at the Tower Annex frequently, you can get this mod by chance.

The rest of the building is primarily charged with light along the Bountiful Well. With the number of stasis shards you’ll generate with your grenades and charged melee, you won’t be charged with light very often. As long as there are shards to pick up, you should be fully charged.

You also have the option to remove both Distribution and Lord Calvin’s Basilisk on your class item for solo operatives in Season 19.


Many players are still sleeping on the buff even after it got a buff almost half a year ago. It is a fantastic gun in PvE due to its built-in Explosive Shadow feature that causes an explosion after continuously firing at an enemy.

Now that it’s full of Lucky Paints and High Energy Fire, Maleficent is able to deal a lot of damage in a very short amount of time.

Since your abilities will be mostly crowd control, we recommend a hard-hitting weapon like a shotgun to occupy your energy space. For champion killing purposes, you can bring a pulse rifle. But really, if you time your grenade before bubbling, the barrier champions will solidify.

For your power arsenal, we recommend something that has Chill clip To increase the number of targets that trigger Grim Harvest and Whisper of Rime. Otherwise, go with the best fit for the occasion. With a machine gun Headstone Works great in PvE.

Gameplay loop

Before the engagement begins, you are going to exhaust your energy arsenal. This is because of Lucky Paints. The moment you reveal your glitch you’ll get the Illegally Modded Holster buff for a few seconds. For a short time, your hand cannon shots are going to deal an increased amount of damage per hit when the weapon is drawn. Moreover, its ready speed is faster and more accurate during this period.

At the start of the engagement, you’re going to open up with your powerful melee attack to get the ball rolling. A quick kill there to jumpstart the aggression. Even better if you have a bunch of enemies in front of you. You can throw your grenade instead. The key here is to start collecting Stasis Shards as soon as possible.

This build doesn’t do much if you aren’t actively collecting left and right shards. You need them on your powered melee, for high energy fire, and the overshield that will keep you alive in endgame content. There’s also no other way to heal, so you have every reason to go around and make as many shards as you can.

Going behind the yellow bars gives you a fifth of the shield. But we’ve found that it’s better to defeat a group of frozen enemies because multiple grab charges cause melee faster than a single large crystal.

On a final note, you’ll want to throw your Super or Disc Field Grenade over the boss level enemy. It has the added benefit of freezing an enemy solid, making them more susceptible to damage. This is another bump in your already-existing potential for disaster.

And this is our third Hunter Bill for Season 19. Check back with us here when the next drop happens.

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Also, check out this video from the YouTuber Destiny Fun Police Where he showed clips of Malfeasance after his buff a while ago.



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