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We’re less than two weeks away from Season of the Deep, and Bungie has given us the first sneak peeks at what to expect for the upcoming season, including the return of a long-lost character from Vanilla Destiny 2.

In this Destiny 2 Sloane article, we will tell you who Sloane is, what she did during the Red War against the Cabal, and what happened to her before she disappeared.

Season of the Deep Destiny 2 Release Date

Destiny 2 Season 21 Season of the Deep will launch after the weekly reset on May 23, 2023. The time players will need to check in their respective time zones.

Who is Sloane in Destiny 2?

Some of you Destiny veterans may remember this, but for those of you who don’t know, Sloane was actually part of the Destiny 2 base game. It was with her help that Zavala managed to establish an emergency base of operations on Titan afterward. The Red Legion took over the Last City and captured the Traveler.

Sub-Commander Sloane is an integral member of the Vanguard with accomplishments dating back to the post-Golden Age Dark Ages. According to in-game and out-of-game lore, she was there when camps were the only means of protecting survivors, along with Commander Zavala and Lord Saladino. She was there when the foundations of the Last City were laid and the walls went up.

She held her own against the Fallen and many invasions from the Earthhive. Her bravery did not go unnoticed and she was promoted to Deputy Commander of the Vanguard.

Destiny 2 Sloane Item 01

During the Red War, she and Commander Zavala rallied what was left of the Guardians in a last ditch effort to defeat Ghaul and end the Cabal occupation of the Last City. While The Guardian tried to convince Ikora and Cayde to rejoin the fight, Shoan and his team explored the Golden Age settlements floating on Titan’s methane oceans.

Establishing a base of operations would prove to be quite a challenge. Shortly after arriving at the rally point, Sloan’s team discovered that the old settlement had been infested with Hive. Conditions did not improve when the Fallen arrived shortly thereafter. And without their Wraiths, the Vanguard wasn’t too interested in throwing themselves into the jaws of the enemy. But Sloan did everything he could while The Guardian restored power to the platform.

Destiny 2 Sloane Item 02

After the events of the Red War, Subcommander Sloane decided to remain on Titan. She would become the vendor of that place for some time. For our part, we would return to Titan to carry out various activities. That would change, however, in arrivals season when one of the malicious Pyramid Ships hovered over the oceans near Sloane’s hideout.

What happened to Destiny 2 Sloane?

Throughout the Season of Visitors, we help Sloane recover Golden Age technology from our enemies, most notably a power source. Sloane then used the relic to power up a Golden Age power armor. This basically turned it into a more permanent version of Fallout 4’s iconic power armor.

All of this has been chronicled in the story book game Duress and Egress. The page in question is shown below.

Destiny 2 Sloane Item 03

The last we know of Sloane is that she endured an attack from the enemy while wearing the suit before Titan disappeared from the material plane. We wouldn’t hear from her again until Bungie sent out trailers for Season of the Deep.

Why did Sloane stay on Titan? She probably has something to do with the Leviathan. The current theory going around is that the giant eye in the background of the promotional material belongs to Leviathan. We still don’t know that’s a fact.

The promotional image also suggests that Sloane may have been partially taken. But as far as we know, there are no records of a Guardian being successfully taken. Not even Oryx himself was able to keep us from the Light. Whatever the case, all we know for sure is that Sloane and Titan are back. And she needs our help.

Destiny 2 Titan Destiny

As a destination, Titan is considered to be one of the smaller sandboxes in Destiny 2. Missions were often found inside shipwrecks above the ocean of methane. But Bungie’s teasers showed locations under the waves. We still don’t know if we’ll be able to move in the style of Bioshock 2. However, it seems highly unlikely. Most likely, we will transmit to the places of the attack. That would be closer to what we can expect from Destiny 2.

A popular theory going around is that we’ll be using the planet room from the Root of Nightmares raid to bring Titan back. This really works on so many levels considering we’ve been asked to return there so often to complete challenges and would provide an answer as to how the Witness used the Darkness to wipe entire planets out of existence.

If Season of Defiance has taught us anything, it’s that Bungie will bring back the locations exactly as they originally were. So expect the above water resorts to be exactly the same as the ones we were left with after Season of Arrivals. (It’s Bungie, it’s what they do.)

Still, we have plenty of reasons to be excited for Season of the Deep. We will have news soon about the seasonal weapons that will be added to the game. Also, we have news that we will be getting a new mission in connection with the Osiris investigation on the Strand with a new weapon at the end. We’ll also learn more about the elusive Veil that’s so important that everyone ignored it after the Lightfall campaign.

That’s all we have on Deputy Commander Sloane. See you soon when Season of the Deep launches in less than two weeks.

Check out this Destiny 2 story video from YouTuber my name is byf speculating on the implications of lore for Season of the Deep.



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