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Destiny 2 – Servant Leader god roll and greatest perks

Scout Rifles have at all times been in a bizarre place in Destiny 2. Many gamers love them and take the high-damage long-range pictures over an Auto Rifle or Hand Cannon any day. However, there are additionally many gamers who discover them underwhelming. The Servant Leader is a weapon that helps to assist the Scout Rifle’s case. If you may rating the best perks this weapon can turn out to be a powerhouse. HEre is the Servant Leader god roll.

The Servant Leader Scout Rifle was launched with Season of the Lost, and might solely be obtained from Gambit. There are two potential methods to get this weapon: finishing Gambit matches or incomes rank-up packages from The Drifter. Anyone seeking to get their fingers on this weapon must spend a while within the PvEvP mode.

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PvE God Roll

PvE tends to be very subjective by way of playstyle, which makes pinpointing a precise god roll a little bit tougher. That being mentioned, the best perks on Servant Leader can turn out to be a power to be reckoned with in PvE. Especially with Season of the Risen’s Artifact Mods.


  • Barrel – Corkscrew Rifling
  • Magazine – Tactical Mag
  • Trait 1 – Rapid Hit
  • Trait 2 – Rampage Frenzy
  • Masterwork – Reload Speed

PvP God Roll

Scout Rifles are a little bit robust to make use of in PvP, however if you’re expert sufficient, they will rapidly drop the well being of your opponents by hitting headshots. Servant Leader can turn out to be an important PvP choice, particularly with the best roll.


  • Barrel – Arrowhead Break
  • Magazine – Accurized Rounds
  • Trait 1 – Rapid Hit
  • Trait 2 – Kill Clip
  • Masterwork – Range or Reload

The Servant Leader Scout Rifle is a robust addition to any Guardians Weapon pool and is extremely really helpful for followers of the weapon kind. Lastly, keep in mind that god rolls are sometimes subjective and should not replicate everybody’s playstyle. An ideal god roll will match all of a person’s wants.

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