Destiny 2 Ritual Weapons for Season 21 Revealed



In Bungie May 11 TWAB, Bungie showed off the ritual weapon for season 21 and its decorations. Destiny 2 Ritual Weapons are some of the most versatile weapons in the game with great perk combinations that can be used for both PvP and PvE. In addition, they come with the Origin Traits for all three ritual activities.

In Season 20, we got Ecliptic Distaff, a Void Adaptive Glaive that comes with Close to Melee and Destabilizing Rounds in the same column. It has been quite a sleeper compared to previously released ritual weapons such as the Veles-X pulse rifle. But that has more to do with it being a glaive than anything else. (Sorry, glaive enthusiasts.)

Destiny 2 Last Rite

In season 21, we will get the Last Rite Scout Rifle. According to Bungie, it’s an aggressive scout rifle in the kinetic slot. The Tex Mechanica means that you most likely have the Tex’s Balanced Actions Origin Trait – Damaging targets while jumping fire increases handling, reload speed, and movement speed when aiming down. We’ll talk more about that origin trait later in the article.

Bungie doesn’t want to spoil too much right now about Destiny 2’s Ritual Weapons. We’ll definitely learn more details, like the attached perks, closer to the season’s release date. However, for now, we can see the decorations that come with the weapon.

Destiny 2 Ritual Weapon Ornaments

Guardians will gain access to these Destiny 2 Ritual Weapon Ornaments after resetting Ritual Vendors and reaching the end of the Ritual Rank log.

Vanguard Ritual Ornament of the Last Rite

Last Rite Crucible Ritual Adornment

Last Rite Gambit Ritual Ornament

Destiny 2 Long Arm

So the reason we think Tex’s Balanced Stock Origin Trait will be in the Last Rite scout rifle. The new ritual weapon looks exactly like the Long Arm Aggressive scout rifle from the Spire of the Watcher dungeon.

The difference between them is that Long Arm is an Arc scout in Energy Slot and Last Rite will be in Kinetic Slot. The Last Rite will most likely work the same way, but will have the damage that comes with being a kinetic weapon.

The Long Arm has been called the legendary version of Dead Man’s Tale and for good reason. And while it doesn’t have that level of usability that DMT enjoys, it hits like a truck when your shots connect.

And that’s all we have on Destiny 2’s Last Rite Scout Rifle and Ritual Weapons for now. When the weapon details are released, we’ll take an in-depth look at the weapon and the best way to use it in both PvP and PvE. So be careful with that. And don’t forget that you can get all of the previously released Destiny 2 ritual weapons in the Tower at the Monument of Lost Light kiosk.

Check out the Destiny 2 Season of the Deep Season 21 teaser trailer courtesy of fate 2 youtube channel.



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