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Destiny 2 Parting the Veil involves tracking Cabal Legion forces moving near the location of the Veil. It’s a short quest, but it can be quite difficult to complete if you’re low-level or unprepared for a busy boss battle. The main incentive for completing the questline is that you’ll be awarded the Epochal Integration Handcannon as well as being able to choose a new strand. Subclass aspect

Key takeaways

  • Players can engage with Destiny 2’s Parting the Veil quest after completing the main campaign and speaking to Nimbus on Pneumona.

  1. The first part of the “Parting the Veil” quest will require you to defeat the Cabal on Neomuna to collect Vex tracking data.
  2. Then it will go to you. Maya’s retreat Along the right side of the map to defeat three Harpies with waves of Vex enemies.
  3. The third objective requires you to travel to a familiar location known as Arkala Complex Three more harpies and wax enemies to defeat.
  4. Finally, the final objective requires you to complete a special mission that requires you to travel to and defeat the Veil facility. Imprint of Nezarec.

  • There are rewards for completing the “Parting the Well” quest. Epochal integration Hand Cannon and being able to get a new one Aspect of the Strand subclass.
Important: Separating the curtain coast line Fate 2 The Lightfall DLC will be available after completing the campaign. Because this is a post-campaign quest.

What is the Veil Quest in Destiny 2?

D2 Nimbus
Taking apart the curtain quest (photo courtesy of Exporter)

“Parting the Veil” is a post-campaign quest you’re given. the cloud on Neumona, and has a total of eight quest steps/parts to complete, after which you’ll be awarded the Epochal Integration Handcannon as well as a new Strand aspect.

Personally, as someone who has been playing the game on a (almost) daily basis, you shouldn’t have much trouble navigating through each objective and making it to completion. However, if you want a detailed explanation of every key detail throughout the entire questline, follow along with me as I walk you through each part of the questline in a step-by-step manner.

Defeat Cable on Pneumona.

d2 acbal
Defeat Cable on Pneumonia (Photo via Xporter)
  1. As shown in the image above, as you grab the quest marker from the Nimbus the first objective is to defeat the Cabal across Neomuna. 10 pieces of Vex tracking data.
  2. You can pretty much aim the first one anywhere and keep in mind that the tracking data will drop after you hit the cable enemies.
  3. In my experience, the best place I’ve gone to is to accomplish the goal faster. Ahimsa Park, Where you can sometimes get enough cable to farm and complete the first objective in minutes.
  4. Additionally, you can also go into Hydroponics Delta and Gilded Percept Lost sectorsWhich has tons of cables running around to get the Vex tracking data.

Get Vex Data from Maya’s Retreat.

  1. The second objective of the Destiny 2 Parting the Veil questline involves heading towards it. Maya’s retreat To get specific Vex data from a build.
    d2 Uncovering
    Maya Retreat (Photo via Xporter)
  2. The exact location of where you need to go is marked above, as all you need to do is go right along the cliffs where you normally travel. Hypernet current The strike
  3. Once you reach the Vex construct in the small cave-like opening, you’ll be greeted. Three shield harpies.
  4. You need to overcome three consecutive waves of Vex enemies to do so Lower their shields Defeated them one by one and successfully.
    d2 Maya retreat
    Defeating Vex Enemies (Photo by eXputer)
  5. Even if you’re not on a checkpoint or timer, clearing these Vex enemies can be difficult if you don’t have any good builds or PVE weapons.
  6. Additionally, you encounter a Vex Wyvern enemy between these waves, which can be a challenging enemy to defeat all by yourself.
  7. Weapons like if you ask me patience Any of these along with their excellent ad performance can help you immensely here. Best legendary weapon Such as BXR-55 or Monument.
  8. Once you’ve defeated all three Harpies, interact with the now-available Vex Spire, and Osiris will comment on the data you collected, thus completing the second part of the quest.

Get additional data from Arkala Complex.

  1. gave Arkala Complex Located in the same place where you fought against numerous hordes of cable legionnaire forces. “Desperate Measures” Mission
    Destiny 2 separates the curtain.
    Location of Arkala Complex (Photo by eXputer)
  2. I’ve also marked the exact location with the in-game cursor in the image above, as it’s a slightly larger domed area on the far left side of Pneumona, down below.
  3. Again, you pretty much repeat the previous objective steps here, as you’ll need to defeat the three Shield Harpies along with the incoming Vex enemies.
  4. The area is large enough that you shouldn’t have much trouble clearing out waves of enemies, with plenty of room to cover and retreat.

Full “Parting the Veil” Mission

d2 Uncovering
Separating the curtain mission flag (photo by eXputer)

You can start the Veil mission from where you completed the previous objective, as the mission flag to activate it will be right near the Veil door. Arkala Complex, Which is shown in the picture above.

The following steps are required to successfully complete the “Parting the Well” mission.

  1. The mission itself isn’t as complex as the final stages of the quest in Destiny 2, as your main challenge comes in the form of its boss fight towards the end.
  2. If you remember the “Desperate Measures” mission from Lightfall’s campaign, you may already know where you’re going here.
    d2 curtain
    Inside the curtain facility (photo by eXputer)
  3. But if not, you just need to. Retrace your steps Back in the chamber where you originally were Fought Kalus. Discovered another veil in the last mission.
  4. Especially since there will be many enemies on your way. The phalanx was taken, So be ready with any ad-clearing weapons such as SMGs and grenade launchers.
  5. Needless to say, as soon as you reach the last room of the facility, be prepared for the boss fight of the Destiny 2 Parting the Veil quest.
    d2 boss fight
    Nezarec’s Imprint (Photo by eXputer)
  6. As shown in the image above, you will encounter Impressions of Nazarek, Which is basically a Tormentor enemy that most players will already know about at this point.
  7. It comes during a difficult situation The second phase of the boss fight (like Callus) as you will be confined to the middle platform, and Nezarec’s Imprint can go berserk chasing you at this stage.
  8. Additionally, tormenting enemies are known. Air Slam In the land from a distance suppressor Your skills and unfunctional Any super you have activated.
  9. I would strongly recommend playing and using it defensively. “One more done” super Here for all classes, like Nova Bomb for Warlocks, Thunder Crash for Titans, and Gathering Storm for Hunters.
  10. In my personal experience, I found myself using such weapons Thunder Lord and ex-Darius Effective here due to the sheer number of enemies, but feel free to use whatever suits your playstyle.

Rewards for completing quests

d2 hand cannon
Prizes (Photo by eXputer)

After completing the mission, you will be directed to reflect on your findings in Pneumona. Back to visiting Osiris Hall of Heroes To replace this on Pneumona, you’ll be awarded the Epochal Integration Handcannon, pictured above.

This is a unique weapon because, as of Season 23, it only supports a curated set of perks/roles, which are as follows:

  • Gun Barrel: Small bore
  • Magazine: Ricochet rounds
  • First column: Keep away/data for all
  • Second column: Eye of the Storm / Incandescent
  • Basic Origin: Harmonic resonance/nanotech tracer rockets
d2 strand aspect
New Strand Aspect (Image by eXputer)

Also, you can visit Lesson Pool Behind you and be able to choose a New strand aspect for your class, As shown in the image above. You can choose it freely, so you don’t need to farm or spend any of the Stranded Meditation currency to acquire it. The Strand Aspect available here will depend on which class you choose to complete the “Parting the Veil” quest.

This brings me to the end of my guide on the Destiny 2 Parting the Veil quest and boss fight. Overall, I think you should have no problem completing the quest according to the guide I wrote (steam ID: LIONT4MER)Which was based on my personal experience. If you are a new player trying this out, I would strongly suggest looking into mine Destiny 2 PVE Weapon Tier List To help pick the best meta weapons for PVE right now.

For other beginner guides, check out Best Ways to Farm XP in Destiny 2as well as how to complete Root of the Nightmare Raid I Lightfall DLC. If you have any concerns or questions, let me know in the comments section below! As always, eXputer wishes you luck!


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