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Destiny 2’s Nathan Fillion has been the voice actor of Cayde-6 ever since the release of Destiny 1 back on consoles in 2014. Cayde-6 has been such a popular character for the franchise, yet sometime in the Forsaken DLC, the voice of the beloved Exo Hunter Vanguard was replaced with Nolan North. However, after such a long time since the death of Cayde-6 in the Forsaken DLC, he now appears to be alive in the Final Shape expansion’s teaser and with Nathan Fillion confirming his role to reprise Cayde-6 once again.

Key Takeaways

  • Nathan Fillion was the former voice actor for Cayde-6 in Destiny 1 and 2.
  • The actor is well-known for various live-action roles in movies and television series, as well as voice-acting in other video games and animation.
  • His notable roles in media include the Castle TV series as well as Suicide Squad (2021) and Halo 3.
  • Before being replaced by Nolan North, Nathan Fillion had voiced Cayde-6 in his key story moments of the Taken King DLC, all the way to the Red War in Destiny 2.
  • Bungie has announced in a press release for the Destiny 2 Final Shape expansion that Nathan Fillion is returning to voice Cayde-6.

Who Is Nathan Fillion?

destiny 2 nathan fillion
Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion is a Canadian-American actor who is well known for his roles across numerous TV shows and movies, as well as voice acting in video games, but most prominently, Destiny fans and players know him for his vocal performance as Cayde-6. His notable roles across well-known media include the likes of:

  • Richard Castle (Castle TV series)
  • T.D.K (The Suicide Squad 2021)
  • John Nolan (The Rookie TV series)
  • Sergeant Reynolds (Halo 3)
  • Spartan Edward Buck (Halo 5: Guardians)

The actor has also won numerous accolades throughout his career, and despite being highly known for voicing Cayde-6, he has lent his voice to Bungie’s former IP, Halo, on quite a few occasions, from Halo 3 to 343 Industries’ Halo 5 in the latter years.

Despite voicing Cayde-6 throughout the launch of Destiny 2, he would soon be replaced by Nathan Fillion for the Forsaken expansion in late 2018. But now that you’ve understood some of his previous ventures in acting and voice-overs, let’s briefly discuss Cayde-6 and what his role has been so far in Destiny 1 and 2.

Who Is Cayde-6 In Destiny 2

final shape cayde-6
Cayde-6 in the Final Shape Teaser

Cayde-6 was the Hunter Vanguard across both Destiny 1 and 2. He is an exo race Hunter who, alongside his fellow Vanguard commanders, Ikora Rey and Zavala, had a main role across several DLCs and seasonal stories.

Across the first half of Destiny 1, players know nothing too much unless they dive into his lore, learning stories such as him fighting alongside a Fallen Baroness and being an eccentric yet comical individual with the rest of the characters, such as Lord Shaxx. But to summarize most of his treasured moments in the story to this day, I have listed them down below:

  • During the Taken War, Cayde-6 aids the Guardian on a few occasions, most specifically, helping the Guardian mod a stealth drive to infiltrate Oryx’s massive ship, the Dreadnaught.
  • In the vanilla campaign of Destiny 2, the Red War, Cayde-6 gets stranded on Nessus, which leads you to team up with him in order to escape back and reunite with the rest of the allies back on Earth.
  • Fast-forward to the Forsaken DLC, the player base would bid farewell to Cayde-6 as he heroically tries to fight off against a corrupted Uldren Sov and the Scorn Barons.
  • Thankfully, the Guardian manages to avenge him and take back his signature weapon too, the Ace of Spades.
  • Lastly, there have been a number of memorials and tributes for Cayde-6 throughout the years, such as an engraving in the Hanger, an interactable statue in the Tower, and cosmetical flair via emblems.

Nathan Fillion Returns As Cayde-6 In The Final Shape

bungie press release
Bungie’s Press release info regarding Final Shape (credit: Bungie.Press)

As shown in the image above, according to Bungie’s recent press release information on their official website, Nathan Fillion returns to lend his voice once again as Cayde-6 in the Final Shape expansion, set to release in 2024. This is also due to the fact that in the latest Final Shape teaser trailer, players were shown a brief glimpse at Cayde-6 being alive again in all his glory, much to Ikora Rey’s surprise, shown alongside him.

But the exact details on why he’s alive are unclear, as Bungie will answer all your questions regarding the fan-favorite Hunter Vanguard in their Final Shape showcase planned for August 22, 2023. Until then, longtime fans like me can rejoice as Nathan Fillion takes up the mantle to play Cayde-6 again.

This wraps up the guide to Nathan Fillion as well as his confirmation of returning as Cayde-6 in the soon-to-be-released annual DLC for Destiny 2, the Final Shape. As a veteran player since the dawn of Destiny’s release back on the PS4, it really brings me comfort that Cayde-6 is alive and well, but some may also tend to argue that the developers might be cashing in on the nostalgia bait to its fanbase for the DLC.

While it remains to be seen how Cayde-6 is alive, I hope you’re enjoying the current Lightfall expansion right now. Bungie still needs to provide relevant answers to the Lightfall Ending, giving us more insight into Nimbus as a character. But hey, in the meantime, you might also want to check out my overall Review of Destiny 2. Let me know what you think of Cayde-6 returning soon! As always, eXputer wishes you luck!

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