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If you’re planning to head to the Crucible this week to try out the Iron Banner and get the new Dark Decider, you might be surprised at how much has changed since Lord Saladin last returned to the Tower. has come But at least the pair of new weapons is worth talking about.

In this guide, we’ll talk about the god roles you can get for both PvP and PvE for the recently revived Dark Decider Auto Rifle.

Dark Decider Legendary Arc Auto Rifle

Here’s a summary of all the information we’ve compiled through listening to the community and our own testing. If you want to go straight to God Rules, feel free to do so and scroll down a bit more and you’ll find it.

Barrel concessions

Based on this, Dark Decider has very little retreat. So you will have two options when it falls.

  • Option 1: Hammer made rifling, Polygonal riflingor baby boy. Don’t bother equipping the counterbalance mod for these three. It won’t matter.
  • Option 2: If you get a recoil direction other than the barrel. Arrow sign, you’ll need to have more counterbalance to make it viable for PvP. We are recommending this because the recoil control is so low that there is no point in increasing it.

Advantages of gunpowder

  • Correct rounds for PvP
  • Because of the Veistinger Trait, anything works in PvE, including mag options like Appended mag.

Advantages of the third column

  • sustenance
  • Dynamically underpowered reduction
  • Iron grip
  • Auto-loading holster
  • Off hand strike
  • Well rounded

We recommend going with Dynamic Sway Reduction, great to use for both PvP and PvE.

The handling is generally good but this gun already has the Westinger feature and by its looks, it only has one pair for the fourth column – the Voltshot. And yet this is a questionable combination. More on that below.

Our safest option here is actually well-rounded. For a gun like this, every little bit helps. This perk gives you an extra range for power-up melee and grenade hits. Unlike the Iron Grip, this does not come at the expense of reload speed. As if the gun didn’t take forever to reload.

Advantages of the fourth column

  • Volt shot
  • Bullet straight
  • Iron Reach
  • The Golden Tricorn
  • Dragonfly
  • Range finder

The only reason to go with this gun for PvE is, really, the Voltshot. And before anyone asks, no, living with Voltshot is productive. The tests we’ve seen have concluded that you’ll still need to reload to activate Vault Shot. This can work if you’re going against high health targets and you can also make the Veist Stinger work. Also, sometimes Subsistence can work against you as it can load your weapon beyond its maximum capacity and it prevents you from reloading. It’s hard to get through.

The only scenario this might work for is if you’re up against a boss that results in you having to reload less often.

Gutshot Straight and Iron Reach are questionable at best. In our opinion, they take away more than they give in return. Golden Tricorn is one of the better options, but it’s making the best of a bad situation.

God rules

For PvP, only one God rolls for this weapon, and it is:

  • Hammer forged rifling
  • Correct rounds
  • Dynamically underpowered reduction
  • Range finder

For PvE, honestly, anything other than Iron Grip with Volt Shot would be more than fine with the gun. You don’t have to think so much about range or stability. Reload speed is important though. And if it comes with substance, that’s fine too. You’ll have to change your play style a bit but that’s about it.

The only reason you should have this weapon in Season 19 of PvE is because you can stun champions with the right mod. If it’s more your speed, stick with it. Just don’t forget to keep the vest stinger on. Skulking Worf won’t help you in PvE.

But if you want something that’s better than that in Vault Shot, however, make a Tainted Metal or Brigand Law. Better yet, go for the new IKELOS SMG. It has a fire rate of Brigand’s law plus range.


The only thing going for the Dark Decider is the 720 RPM with the West Stinger. You can hold the trigger for a while and not have to reload half the time. But those of us with a strong reloading habit might not like it too much if the mag is empty. Also, it’s the only 720 RPM auto rifle in the game with volte shot. It counts for something.

If you’re looking for stats, your best bet is to look in the direction of better AR such as Crate or Sweet Sorrow. At least you can prepare a sweet sorrow. But we want to emphasize that if the gun feels right in your hand, nothing we say will change your mind. We are only offering you a gun guide. May be Want to keep?

You can click on this link. Here Courtesy of D2 Gunsmith to build your own Dark Decider.

And that’s all we have to say about Dark Decider. As of the writing of this guide, Iron Banner is still a work in progress and we may change a few things here and there as more information comes to light. But still stay tuned for more Destiny 2 articles, especially with Lightfall on the horizon.

Check out this video from the YouTuber True Vanguard Where he talks about some of the positive aspects of the new Dark Decider auto rifle. Narrated by his wife, he also talks about the current state of the Iron Banner in general.



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