Destiny 2 Best PvP Build Season 19

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A recent tweet from State Tracker Trials Report revealed what’s hot in the meta after last week’s Trials of Osiris. Destiny 2’s best PvP build for this Season 19 weekend had a win rate of over 90% with at least 25 matches played.

According to this Destiny 2 report, the Arch Titan was a dominant force in Trials of Osiris last week with a 42 percent usage rate. Void Hunter came in a distant second. However, what’s really surprising is that Solar Titan is at the bottom of the list. (Don’t give up hope, Solar Titans Men! Your day will come.)

In this guide, we’ll tell you what you need to be to become one. gave Arch Titan in PvP this season. It includes construction details and which Exotic you should go with. And as an added bonus, we’ll also go over the Premier Hunter PvP build for the season.

Destiny 2 Best PvP Build for Season of Seraph

In a shocking twist, the Citan’s Ramparts beat out every other Titan alien for the Dunemarcher. And that’s evident by the number of shotgun-wielding, shoulder-charging titans running around lately.


  • High barricade
  • Catapult lift
  • Seismic strike
  • Storm Grenade


  • Touch of Thunder
  • Knockout


  • Shock spark
  • A spark of intensity
  • A spark of feedback
  • Volt’s spark

A spark of feedback And Volt’s spark Not essential to this build but they offer +10 to Resilience and Recovery respectively.

Armor mods

The best PvP Arc Titan build for PvP currently uses. Citan’s ramparts as its foreigner. This pesky little number allows you and your fireteam to shoot through allied towering barricades although it comes at the cost of reduced health and duration. The last condition shouldn’t be a problem since most engagements within Trials of Osiris are decisive and fatal. Only at the highest skill levels will you find survival games developed over a long period of time.

This construction also uses A loud explosion When you take damage with a grenade that gives energy to the class ability. And three guesses as to which grenade the Arch Titan likes? gave Storm Grenade.

Furthermore, Radiant light This is also part of the build to give you a slight stat bump in Strength and since you and your team are practically shooting behind the same barricade, light charge them at a moment’s notice. will be done. Another key armor mod for this build is the class item mod, Utility Kickstart. You’ll want to run two of these when you install the obstacles.

Play style

Your goal with this build is to constantly put pressure on your opponents by throwing shield after shield and choking the life out of them behind the protection of your defenses.

The only problem is when you go up against a team that uses the same tactics. When that happens, it usually boils down to who can melt an opponent’s shield faster.

If you want to be truly oppressive with this build, go for 100 discipline and replace the utility kickstart with some bomber mods. But that would mean staying behind your barrier. At least you’ll have the added benefit of your grenades covering your line of sight. Before you put up another barricade.

Destiny 2 Best PvP Build Season 19 02

This build is largely unchanged from last season. For this build, Strength is the most important stat. Sorry, I know mobility is king but that’s what the build demands.


  • Gambler’s Dodge
  • Strafe jump
  • Trap bomb


  • Trapper’s ambush
  • End stage


  • An echo of sustenance
  • Residual echoes
  • An echo of persistence

Armor mods

As a hunter, you will use Khapri’s sting For your benefit as Truesight reveals the locations of your enemies. You’ll want it to be Stasis so you can take advantage of it Kickstart the rampage Armor mode that gives you melee energy when you use your charged melee aka smoke bombs. This build also benefits a lot. Trapper’s ambush aspect

You might want to throw up too. Powerful friend And Radiant light To promote this stat for mobility and strength.

For your class item, you must have Outreach On both slots to quickly get your melee back when you use your dodge.

Play style

Your job in a team is to be everywhere. If you’re not smoking the place and your allies, you’ll be using your Truesight to see through walls and mark the enemy team’s positions.

You’ll want to play on the safe side as most teams will stick together behind barricades. You’ll want to play the angles and hope they don’t rush you or your other teammates.

As long as you have a smoke bomb in hand and a slam in your pocket, you should be able to fight.

And that’s it for this short Destiny 2 guide on what the Trials of Osiris meta is all about. Happy hunting, guardians.

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