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Demons Wars Introduces a Yokai Spider-Man

peach momoko demon days The series introduced a radically different iteration of the Marvel Universe influenced by Japanese history and mythology. While Momoko’s five-part “Mariko” saga whetted the appetites of Marvel fans by showcasing some of the heroes and villains that inhabit this exciting new corner of the multiverse, the demon wars The series has pulled back the veil entirely by introducing “Momoko-verse” versions of many well-established Marvel characters, including the latest Spider-Verse issue.

Almost every universe in Marvel’s ever-expanding multiverse is home to a variant of Spider-Man, and Demon Days: Shield of Justice #1 (by VC’s Peach Momoko, Zach Davisson, and Ariana Maher) continues this cosmic trend with the introduction of Kumosuke, the Momoko-verse’s native Web-Slinger. Taking inspiration from one of Japan’s most famous yōkai spirits, Kumosuke is an unorthodox variant of the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man who may prove to be one of Mariko Yashida’s best allies during the impending Momoko-verse adaptation of Civil war.

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Spider-Man from Demon Wars is inspired by a Japanese Yōkai

Like many other alternate versions of the Marvel heroes and villains that populate the Momoko-verse, Kumosuke is a yōkai, a diverse race of spirits that is prominent in Japanese mythology. While many spider-like yōkai can be found in Japanese folklore, Momoko herself explains in the “Yōkai Archives” column at the end of the issue that Kumosuke is based on the Tsuchigumo, which has undergone a dramatic transformation over the course of the issue. years of cultural evolution. Once a derogatory term used to describe indigenous people who refused to submit to Japan’s emperor, the word Tuschigomo eventually became associated with the Chinese bird spider, leading to the creation of a symbol of treason.

Like most variations of Spider-Man that populate the multiverse, Kumosuke appears to possess many of the same abilities as his Earth-616 counterpart. With enhanced agility and the ability to stick to walls, Kumosuke is shown to be much more acrobatic than most of his fellow yōkai, effortlessly running circles around his heavily armed and sword-wielding companions. Unfortunately, Kumosuke seems to lack the superhuman durability that many other Spider-Man variants possess, with a punch from Momoko-verse native Captain America Yamato forcing him to retreat and leaving him with a nasty scar.

Another distinctive Spider-Man trait that Kumosuke lacks is the Wall-Crawler’s talkative nature. While most multiverse-dwelling versions of Spider-Man share Earth-616’s penchant for pulling clever pranks on their enemies at any given opportunity, Kumosuke seems to adhere to the age-old adage that silence is golden. Throughout the entirety of Demon Days: Shield of JusticeKumosuke only speaks once to try and convince Yamato that something was influencing him and causing him to act more aggressively, preferring to let his actions do the talking.

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Demon Wars’ Spider-Man Is Just As Heroic As His Earth-616 Counterpart

Demon Wars Kumosuki vs. Yamato

While Kumosuke may be one of the less talkative Spider-Men in the multiverse, his actions show that he resembles his Earth-616 counterpart more than meets the eye. Throughout the first two issues of demon wars, the various yōkai versions of Marvel’s heroes have found themselves in opposition over whether to allow Mariko to free her imprisoned ancestor Kigandoshi by reuniting his severed head with his body. While some believe that Kigandoshi’s return will restore the realm of the yōkai to its former glory, others fear that it will shatter the fragile peace that has been established between yōkai and humans, creating a divide with glaring parallels with Civil war.

Going into battle against Yamato alongside the armored yōkai Bake-Yorei, Kumosuke appears to be following in the footsteps of his Earth-616 counterpart, who sided with Iron Man and the faction of heroes who supported the Registration Act. of Superhumans during Civil war. Unlike Bake-Yorei, however, Kumosuke’s willingness to fight her apparent friend seems to have been driven by a desire to protect Mariko from Yamato’s unusually murderous wrath rather than blind loyalty to Bake-Yorei’s ancestor. she.

Having shown that he cares more about protecting the life of a young girl than the political intrigue surrounding it, Kumosuke has shown that he possesses the heroic spirit that defines most Spider-Men. While the imminent end of the Spider-Verse means that Kumosuke is unlikely to ever meet his interdimensional counterparts, his willingness to risk his life to protect Mariko marks him out as one of the human princess/yōkai’s greatest allies in the conflict to come.

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