Demonologist Secrets of the Abandoned House



The Abandoned House in Demonologist is an interesting map that holds quite a few secrets beneath its crude exterior. There are some cleverly hidden Easter eggs that you’ll find if you look close enough, that is, if you’re brave enough to venture through its many hidden secrets.

Read on as we walk you through all the secrets you can find in the abandoned house in Demonologist.

What secrets are in the Abandoned House in Demonologist?

There are unique Easter Eggs that can be found on the Abandoned House map, which are as follows:

  • Play ball: On the chair in a corridor there is an image with a text, complete the written sentence that is “do you want to play BALL with me?” and a ball will roll towards you from the darkness.
  • Jumpscare Library: There is a big picture on the floor with the words “Magna” on it. Say the word into your microphone and take three steps back. Get ready for a jumpscare.
  • secret bedroom passage: On the back wall is a desk with the word “Victory” written on its surface. Say the name and the desk will disappear along with the wall revealing a hallway. At the end of the hall is a door with the word “Dream” written on it. Say the word and it will open and play music before closing again. You can reopen the door by saying “my name is Ira”.
  • ghost exorcism: You can exorcise the ghost in the Abandoned House after finding the five fingers hidden in the house. You can check out our guide on how to exorcise spirits in Demonologist for exactly how to do this.
Demonologist Secrets of the Abandoned House

The secrets of the Abandoned House can usually be found in writings along the wall. Saying this out loud into your microphone will make something happen. The same goes for the other maps, which have their own Easter eggs, which even include the safe houses. We hope you have a heart of steel because many of these secrets hidden in plain sight can be quite scary.

Those are all the secrets of the Abandoned House in Demonologist. We hope you found something interesting in this guide of ours. For more features, news, and guides, feel free to check out our other Demonologist articles.

For a tour of the Abandoned House, this Youtube video from Czar got you covered



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