Demonologist Crucifix: How Does It Work?

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The Crucifix is ​​a lifesaving tool that prevents the ghost from killing you in Demonologist. Unless you want to see what the other side is like, wearing one might keep you in the land of the living a little longer. However, they can be quite confusing, since you don’t know exactly how they repel ghosts and keep you safe.

In this guide, we will explain how the crucifix works in Demonologist and how you can use it to protect yourself.

How to use the Crucifix in Demonologist?

When the ghost starts a hunt, simply equip the crucifix in your hand and it will protect you from being killed by it. It only works once and it will burn out once he has done his job.

A Crucifix in Demonologist costs $2,000 a piece in the Tool Inventory Menu, which can be found in your Safe House. It sounds expensive, but you can easily get the money back by doing challenges. It’s always a good idea to bring at least one per game.

There is a limit to the number of Demonologist Tools you can bring. You can only bring two crucifixes during an investigation, so their use is limited. You can also equip only one of the two. However, it is extremely crucial and saves lives, especially when your sanity is low or you find yourself in a bad position.

Unlike Phasmophobia, where you have to place the crucifix near a ghost before it starts hunting, Demonologist makes it more convenient to use. If you’ve played the first one, you may have been wrong about how it works in this game. This one is more generous by comparison, as you don’t need to think about range to use it.

Tips on how to use the Crucifix

The Crucifix in Demonologist is a single-use tool with a valuable protection feature. So keep this in mind before using one:

  • Do not immediately use the Crucifix at the start of the game. If you’re lucky, you might not have to use it at all. In the later sections of the game, when the ghost starts to hunt more frequently due to lack of sanity, you will find the most use for this tool.
  • One of the best uses for the Crucifix is ​​right before using one of the Cursed Possessions items, such as the Ouija Board, Tarot Cards, or Voodoo Doll. These items are extremely dangerous and can trigger a ghost hunt even when very careful, so this tool will come in handy here.
  • Always keep in mind that you only have two uses for the Crucifix at most, so use it wisely.

This is how to make the best use of the Demonologist Crucifix. We hope this guide will help you save your life more than once.

Also watch this video casual kaine showing how the Crucifix saved his character from a ghost hunt in Demonologist:

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