Deltaron turns 5 this month. Here’s what to expect.


Highlights of the story

  • Along with the third chapter of Prospise, Deltarune’s fifth anniversary will be next month and will feature franchise updates.
  • Toby has said he wants to “sleep in” this year, so no big celebrations or concrete news seem likely.
  • The event will feature a new newsletter on Deltaron’s official site, as well as the annual event and hopefully the announcement of the next chapters.


The sequel to Undertale, one of the most influential RPG games, Delta Runwill be 5 years old next month, and with half a decade of development, we have a beautiful story, lovable characters, killer soundtracks, and fearsome Secret But since 2 years have passed since the release of Chapter 2, it seems that future chapters will be announced sooner or later.

Toby Fox and his announcements

Most of today’s updates and teasers were revealed by Toby Foxthe sole creator of Undertale And the main developer behind all things Deltaron. Toby has won many awards for Undertale and has been hard at work developing Deltaron ever since. Toby reveals updates about his side projects and franchises every year, and the upcoming fifth year anniversary will no doubt be the same.

Before we look at Deltarune, Toby Fox also focuses on Undertale’s birthday party, where he usually does some weird comedy featuring characters from the game and sometimes reveals new merch. . For this year’s anniversary last month, Toby made a new revelation. Deltaron is hitting retail stores. And held a short Q&A with some of our favorite Undertale characters.

Unfortunately, this was the climax for this year’s Undertale newsletter. Although there were some involved. Speculative With new lore for the franchise and some cool-looking trades, there wasn’t much to fear. And Toby gave us a response to the ill-fated episode on his Twitter, talking about how he was delighted he’d been pushing a number of newsletters and a ‘foam‘ His picture.

Previous newsletters for Deltaron.

In last year’s Deltaron newsletter, Toby showed some progress on the latest chapters and said that there is still a lot to do in terms of development and cutscenes. “Sorry, nothing is slated for release this year. So you can’t spend any money yet.But after a year of development and a much larger team than Toby initially anticipated, the release of new chapters should begin.

It seems like when we talk about 1 chapter, but Toby has decided to push the next three chapters together, which will require more time and effort. However, some fans speculate that the release will be much sooner than initially expected.

Current release cycles for Chapters may indicate that release dates for new content and new trailers may be revealed in the coming months. It can be backed up with all the context that has already been implemented removed to optimize it.

Toby revealed a lot of information about the current development cycle of Deltaron Chapter 3, explaining that The entire chapter was playable from start to finish., there are very few modifications left in the game. Toby also talked about how he removed the stealth-based section from the game because of its poor pacing for the general gist of the game.

Apart from the near completion of Chapter 3, the remaining 2 chapters still appear to be deep in development. The most mysterious, Chapter 5, is still far from reaching a stable point. Another thing to pay attention to is the release cycle. Since Chapter 2 took a long two years to reach a playable state, the next few chapters will take much less time due to the expansion of the development team.

Toby has revealed some concepts for future chapters and will reveal more about specific gameplay elements soon. Toby has also revealed that there will be a chapter 3. the light in his story and that this is an experimental chapter, different from our usual chapters. Tobey may reveal more about the reason for changing the pace of the game in the coming month.

Deltarune is extremely popular right now. With features Nintendo Directa huge community, and the full support of Toby Fox and his sizable development team, the game will become one of the best RPG experiences of the decade.

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