Defend the law against public trust


picking out uphold the law either serve the public trust are important decisions in RoboCop: Rogue City. These decisions fall on opposite ends of the spectrum and determine what kind of police officer Murphy really is. Throughout the game, you will find opportunities where you can choose between enforcing the law to the letter or following the spirit of it.

In this guide, I’ll show you what happens when you choose Uphold the Law or Public Trust in RoboCop: Rogue City. It will contain spoilers.

Defend the law against public trust

Certain options in the game add points between Uphold the Law and Public Trust. Depending on which one you have the most points at the end of the game, you will unlock a new option that will allow you to see a more human side of RoboCop.

The Psychology skill plays an important role here and affects the number of points for Public Trust. It practically guarantees that you will end the public trust if you decide to invest in it. With a high level of Psychology, you will see which of the consequent choices is empathetic, which shows you that it is the best choice.

You’ll mostly have the opportunity to choose between Uphold the Law or Public Trust in the Serve and Protect side quests. As you patrol downtown Detroit, you’ll encounter several petty lawbreakers whom you can decide to let off with a warning or fine.

What happens if you follow the law?

RoboCop will not have the option to save the Old Man. He can only choose between leaving him crushed by the rubble of the falling OCP building or killing the Old Man himself.

This reflects the cold law machine that Alex Murphy has become. RoboCop has buried what humanity he has left and therefore has no option to save the Old Man in this Rogue City finale. This is essentially the bad ending to the final boss fight.

What happens if it serves the Public Trust?

This unlocks the option for RoboCop to save the Old Man at the end of Rogue City. If you chose empathetic options, RoboCop retains some humanity in himself so that he has some empathy left over.

Choosing to save the Old Man is the good ending for the final boss of RoboCop Rogue City. It shows that there is still humanity left in both RoboCop and the Old Man, despite their metallic exteriors.

However, it is not the only factor that changes the ending of Rogue City, as there is still the election of the mayor, which also decides the political ending of the game that is independent of it.


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