Deeper and Deeper Hotfix #16 Compensates players for server rollbacks.


Highlights of the story

  • After the release of Deeper and deeperAs of Hotfix #15, the item had some unexpected changes and issues that led Davis to release Hotfix #16, which includes a server rollback until October 5, 9 AM UTC.
  • The devs have also apologized for making drastic balance changes and will revert those changes to a “slightly altered level on hotfix #14”.
  • 5 Bluestone Shards will be awarded to all players who log in after this update to compensate for lost time and effort.

Darker and Darker Hotfix #16 is released, and it returns to the game servers. October 5, 9am UTC. A rollback of the server was necessary to deal with the issues that surfaced after that. Hotfix #15. Since a server rollback usually means that players’ time and effort within a certain period is lost, the devs gave all players who logged in after the update 5 bluestone shards. Paid back to the community.

Darker and Darker Hotfix #16

Less than a day later Releasing hotfix #15, the devs issued a public apology for the unexpected item changes, promising a fix. The devs made a series of announcements on the official Discord server, which has become the primary means of communication between the devs and players. After identifying the root problem, the devs thought it would be best to fix the problem with a rollback.

Deeper and deeper server rollback.

Still, the database synchronization error, the root cause, had some side effects with the rollback logic, causing item replication problems. Thus, the devs restarted the servers, released hotfix #16, and returned the game to October 5th, 9 AM UTC. The team alsoGreat changes in balance“I on a slightly modified level Hotfix #14.

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After the release of hotfix #16, Earthquake There should be no more harm than good. Item random modifiers will now be rebalanced and will be the same as they were in hotfix #14. Players can now get a little more. Extra/true magic damage. All attributes are currently limited to a maximum of 1. Ruins will now have 2 additional blue portals. The amount of item drops from chests has been slightly reduced.

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