Deeper and Deeper Hotfix #14 fixes technical issues and adds balance changes



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  • Deeper and deeper Hotfix #14 has been released, and it fixes several issues players have had since the first patch.
  • Although smaller than recent patches, the update fixes technical issues and brings some balance changes, which are still very impactful.
  • Bard and Rogue players will be happy to know about some buffs in this update.

Dark and Dark Hotfix #14 has been released., and it fixes some issues with recent patches. The update also fixes some technical issues and balance changes. Among these changes, Rascal Players will be happy to see increased range in trap detection and joker as well as other buffs. Bard Warsong and Storyteller have also seen a notable increase in range.

Darker and Darker Hotfix #14
Darker and Darker Hotfix #14

Upon exiting a dungeon, players would sometimes revert to a previous state, a rollback issue that has been fixed in this update. gave Wizard shoes Movement speed is set to work as intended. Players should no longer face issues where Curse of painImmediate loss of and The power of sacrificeNo damage was done when Warrior Used the curse skill.

The additional movement speed of the lantern/torch has been adjusted to 0. Additionally, lanterns will now appear in more rare places with random modifiers. All daggers have increased damage from 400 to 450. RangerThe chase range has been increased from 400 to 450. Bard His Storyteller and Warsong have also seen some buffs, with their range increasing from 350 to 450.

As Rascal, Trap detection range has been increased from 400 to 450, while Jester’s range has been increased from 350 to 450. Rogue’s Ambush’s physical damage bonus has been increased from 30% to 50%. Rogue’s Week Point Attack Armor rating reduced from 25% to 30%, duration reduced from 3 seconds to 4 seconds.

Deeper and deeper developer notes
Deeper and deeper developer notes

This will also mark the return of the update. Jack O’Lantern. Regular merchants should no longer sell epic items. Solar Reaper has been renamed Soul Scraper. Sub-bosses and special chests such as Lion’s Heads, Marvelous, Royal Shrouds, and Golden Chests will now always yield colored tier loot.

Speaking of colored items, the random modifier properties that appeared on colored rarities have now been returned to provide a wider value range with even more variety, including that of the previous patch. All features. Therefore, checking item rules will be just as important, if not more, than checking its color level.

This hotfix also includes some things missing from the first patch, such as the reduction in foot volume that occurs when crouching. SavageIron Will will now ignore knocks. In addition, the Patch notes It also contains a developer’s note, which players can read if they want to know more about the state of the game, in the words of the developers, and some plans for the future.

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Deeper and deeper is a multiplayer fantasy extraction game developed and published by Korean studio Iron Mace. Released on PC In early access on August 7, 2023.

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