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The long-awaited remake of the modern survival horror classic is finally here. Today we are going to take a look at the Dead Space Remake voice actors. Fans will be pleased to see familiar faces back and pleasantly surprised by the developers’ replacements.

Key Highlights

  • The original Dead Space didn’t have a voice actor for Isaac. Gunner Wright first voiced the former silent protagonist in Dead Space 2
  • Isaac having a voice is among the new changes that the remake is implementing. 
  • Almost all of the main cast has been replaced, and the only exception is Gunner Wright. 
  • Isaac having a voice now helps the player connect with the tragedy of the USG Ishimura more than ever.
  • Nicole has a new voice actress. Her new actress Tanya Clarke is known for the poplar show called “Banshee.”
  • Former NFL star Anthony Alabi is Zach Hammond’s new voice actor. 
  • Faran Tahir will be taking the role of Dr. Challus Mercer in the Dead Space Remake. He is known for Star Trek and the original Iron Man film. 
  • Karen Daniels is also getting a new voice. Brigitte Kali Canales is known in the voice acting field due to Star Wars: The Bad Batch
  • Gunner Wright has been the voice of Isaac Clarke for 12 years
  • Other than voice acting, all the other audio design has also been perfected with direct feedback from the fans.

Gunner Wright As Isaac Clarke 

dead space remake isaac voice actor
Gunner Wright returns as the voice of Isaac Clare | Image by us at eXputer

First off, we have Gunner Wright returning as the voice of Isaac Clarke. He started lending his voice to the iconic survival horror character back in Dead Space 2 and, since then, has become loved by the fanbase.

Moreover, the only surprising thing about his return is that Isaac will no longer be silent. He was completely silent in the original game, and we couldn’t even see his facial emotions until the very last cutscene of the game. In our opinion, having him react to the chaos around him will add a lot to his character.

Gunner Wright has played various roles in plenty of movies. For most people, his most memorable role is Isaac. He is absolutely the most needed and appreciated out of all the Dead Space Remake voice actors. Fans are more than happy to have him back, and he is happy to be here. 

Tanya Clarke As Nicole Brennan

nicole new face dead space remake
The new voice of Nicole, Tanya Clarke | Image from eXputer

Next, we have Tanya Clarke who will be replacing Iyari Limon as the voice of Nicole Brennan. Nicole is Isaac’s wife and the main reason why he has come to USG Ishimura to investigate. Isaac has been very stressed and unweary due to the predicament his wife has found herself in. 

There are many awesome scenes featuring Nicole in the original game. We are certain that Tanya Clarke will be an excellent replacement as she has been a part of many films and shows. The most memorable thing that Nicole says in the game is her line where she asks Isaac to make them whole again

If the Dead Space Remake is your first time experiencing the classic game, then you are going to be in for a ride as Nicole’s character is going to get you hooked on the lore of the game’s world. 

Brigitte Kali Canales As Kendra Daniels 

Kendra Daniels dead space remake look
Brigitte Kali Canales As Kendra Daniels | From eXputer

Other than Isaac, two characters take up most of the main spotlight during the game’s main story. One of them is Kendra Daniels, and the other is Zach Hammond. Kendra comforts Isaac when he is worried about his wife at the start of the game and regularly communicates with him as the game goes on. 

Furthermore, she is an essential part of the story, as she is the only one other than Isaac and Zach who survives the onslaught in the intro of the game. She is surely going to turn into a character who you will genuinely like. Just like Isaac and Zach, she also goes through many changes as the game reaches its conclusion.

Kendra Daniels was originally voiced by Tonantzin Carmelo, who is now being replaced by Brigitte Kali Canales. Brigitte has nailed her role, as we have not seen fans complain about the little screen time they have seen of Kendra in the remake thus far. 

Anthony Alabi As Zach Hammond

zach from dead space full lore
Anthony Alabi is the new voice of Zach Hammond | Image provided by eXputer

Zach Hammond is probably going to be your favorite character in Dead Space 1. He tries his very best to help everybody make it out of the USG Ishimura safe and sound. His interactions with Isaac will now sound better because Isaac will actually talk back. 

Similar to Kendra Daniels, Zach Hammond’s voice actor was also recast.  He was originally voiced by Peter Mensah, who will now be replaced by Anthony Alabi. Fans don’t need to worry as he is an actor with a lot of experience who has given a tense and satisfying new voice to Zach. 

Faran Tahir As Challus Mercer 

challus mercer insane man from dead space
Faran Tahir As Challus Mercer | Frpm us at eXputer

Lastly, we have Farah Tahir as Challus Mercer. Just like the rest of the cast, the actor for Challus Mercer has been recast. He was originally voiced by Navid Negahban. Replacing him is the popular Pakistani-American actor Faran Tahir. Challus is a complicated character who has gone insane due to what’s going on.

He strongly believes that turning into a Necromorph is a big part of human evolution. The man openly praises it and treats it as some kind of ascension for humanity. He is technically the main villain of the story who will have you on your guard whenever he makes an appearance. 

For many fans, he is even more of a memorable part of the game than Nicole is. His presence is always a threat as he is an insane guy with a lot more control of his surroundings than you do yours. While some fans will surely miss Navid Negahban, we assure you that Faran Tahir is an excellent replacement. 

Wrap Up

As evidenced by this Subreddit post. Fans are very pleased to have Gunner Wright back. The main issue for some is that they are not sold on the other new voices yet. The skepticism is warranted, but we assure you that when you play the full game, you won’t have any complaints. 

It is a very good time to be a survival horror fan nowadays. Some of the best survival horror games and best horror games, in general, are making a comeback. Dead Space itself is coming alongside the game which made its existence possible, Resident Evil 4. 

Even the new Resident Evil 4 Remake has a very high chance of becoming of the best Resident Evil games of all time. What are your hopes for Dead Space? Are you happy about Gunner Wright’s return? What do you think about the new AI of Dead Space? Let us know all about it in the comments section below. 

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