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The Dead Space Remake also offers completely new things, such as a secret ending for which you need all the Marker Fragment Locations. The alternate ending is something that even the veteran Dead Space players didn’t see coming, but it is a nice surprise. However, the process of acquiring that ending is long and tedious as it requires you to completely replay the game in New Game Plus (NG+) Mode and hunt down a collectible across all the chapters.

The Dead Space Remake puts you back in the shoes of Isaac as he uses his vast arsenal of weapons to take out the Necromorphs onboard the Ishimura. The remake feels familiar with many things, such as the armor upgrades and weapons like the Plasma Cutter.

Key Highlights

  • There are 12 Marker Fragments in Dead Space Remake, and they only spawn in New Game Plus
  • The first four markers are found in Maintenance Bay Office, Dr. T. Kyne’s Office, the Engine Room, and the Break Room in Chapters 1-4, respectively. 
  • There are two Marker Fragments in Chapter 5, in Dr. C. Mercer’s Office and in the Cryogenics lab
  • The next three fragments are found in East Grow Chamber, Mineral Samples, and Communications Hubs in Chapters 6-8, respectively.
  • There are two fragments in Chapter 10, in Deluxe Shift Bunks Room and Inquiry Desks, and the final one is in Cargo Bay in Chapter 11.
  • You can play these Marker Fragments on a table in Captain B. Mathius’ Office in order to unlock the secret ending.

All Marker Fragment Locations

There are a few things that you need to know before you begin your journey of collecting every marker fragment and trying to unlock the secret ending. There are 12 fragment markers, and they only spawn in the NG+.

There’s one marker fragment in almost every chapter, with Chapters 5 and 10 having two and Chapters 9 and 12 had none. You will only have one chance to collect them, as you cannot replay any of the chapters to collect them and unlock the secret ending. Here is a quick summary of where you can find each of the Marker Fragments, with more detail entailed below.

Chapter Marker Location
Chapter 1 Found inside Maintenance Bay Office near the Data Board.
Chapter 2 Secret room inside Dr. T. Kyne CSO’ Office behind bookshelves.
Chapter 3 In the Engine Room, behind Power Sub-Station 003.
Chapter 4 In the Break Room on the floor.
Chapter 5 Inside Dr. C. Mercer’s Office.
Chapter 5 On top of the Cryogenic Chamber in Cryogenics.
Chapter 6 Top corner of the room in East Grow Chamber.
Chapter 7 On a shelf in Mineral Samples.
Chapter 8 In the Communications Hub, near the Communication Control screen.
Chapter 10 Inside the Deluxe Shift Bunks Room.
Chapter 10 On top of a desk in Inquiry Desks.
Chapter 11 On a shelf in Cargo Bay.

Chapter 1 – Marker Fragment #1

all marker fragment locations in dead space remake
Chapter 1 Marker on the right side (image by eXputer)

You’ll come across the first marker fragment in the first chapter. Look out for two mission objectives: “Replace the Damaged Tram” and “Find the Data Board.” Choose to track the second objective and head towards the Maintenance Bay.

Take the elevator up, redirect the power to Maintenance by using the circuit breaker circuit, and then head back down again. Make your way over to the Maintenance Bay Office to find the Data Board. But just before you collect the item, look to your right towards a shelf.

You’ll spot the Marker Fragment as it’ll be a purple glowing object. If you look at the image above, the Data Board is on the left, and the marker fragment is on the right. Shoot or melee attack it to knock it off the shelf and collect it. Alternatively, you can use your stasis module powers to collect it as well.

Chapter 2 – Marker Fragment #2

dead space remake all marker locations
Secret room uncovered by using Kinesis on Bookshelf (captured by eXputer)

The process for acquiring the marker fragment in the second chapter is similar to the one in the first. You’ll be given two objectives: “Find a Hydrazine Tank” and “Find a Shock Pad.” Choose to track the second objective and follow the directional line toward the Main Laboratory.

You’ll be asked to eliminate a bunch of enemies on two floors. After you eliminate them, you can head over to Dr. T. Kyne’s office on the bottom floor. There is a secret room in the office which you need to uncover using your Kinesis.

Move around the bookshelf on the left side of the office, and the secret room will be revealed, as shown in the image above. Head inside and look to your left; you’ll find the Marker Fragment on the table.

Chapter 3 – Marker Fragment #3

dark station
Marker behind the station in the dark (screenshot by eXputer)

You’ll find the third Marker Fragment inside the Engine Room in Chapter 3. During the story, you’ll be assigned an objective that asks you to “Manually Ignite the Engines.” It will require you first to encounter the tentacle of the Leviathan. After that, go through the Decontamination Zone and then use the cargo elevator toward the Engine Room.

You’ll need to solve a puzzle to finally enter the Engine Room and then eliminate a bunch of enemies. Once you’re done with all that, look for Power Sub-Station 003. Move around to its left and behind it to find the next Marker Fragment in the dark. This is the same sub-station where you’ll need to place a battery as part of the main objectives.

Chapter 4 – Marker Fragment #4

break room
Marker Fragment location in Dead Space Remake (captured by eXputer)

The next Marker Fragment can be found inside the Break Room in Chapter 4. More specifically, there will be a section where you need to divert power to the ADS Cannons. Once you receive that mission, go into mission objectives and pick “Reroute Power from Electrical Systems.”

Follow the directional guide through the elevator and into the Bridge’s Floor 3. Once you’re there, look for the Break Room on your map and head there. You can find the Marker Fragment on the floor of the Break Room, next to the red circle markings and candle lanterns.

Chapter 5 – Marker Fragment #5

dead space remake marker locations for secret ending
Marker on the desk (image by eXputer)

There are two Marker Fragments in Chapter 5; the first one can be found while you’re following the objective that requires you to lift the lockdown. Track the mission that instructs you to “Lift the Lockdown” and make your way over to a smaller office by following the directional path that the game provides. Head inside Dr. C. Mercer’s office, and you’ll find the Marker Fragment directly infront of you on the table.

Chapter 5 – Marker Fragment #6

On top of the Cryogenic Chamber (image by us)

You can try getting the second Marker Fragment immediately after the previous one in Chapter 5. You’ll need to head to the Cryogenics in order to find the Marker Fragment. The easiest way is to follow the objective that requires you to “Acquire the Liquid Nitrogen.”

Follow the directions it gives you, and eventually, you’ll be led inside the Cryogenics. However, before you pick up the liquid nitrogen inside the Cryogenic Chamber, walk outside and wrap around the Cryogenic Chamber and look upwards at the ceiling. You’ll find the Marker Fragment resting on top of the chamber. You can retrieve it by using your Kinesis powers to bring it down to you.

Chapter 6 – Marker Fragment #7

marker fragment locations
Sixth Marker Fragment (captured by us)

The seventh Marker Fragment can be found in Chapter 6. You’ll need to make your way over to the East Grow Chamber as part of the main quest. From the Hydroponics hub, go through the West Tower, which will lead you to the West Grow Chamber. Take the lift to the second floor and enter the door straight in front of Hydroponics Control to reach East Grow Chamber.

The main objective will ask you to “Inject Wheezer 07.” This will lead you all the way to a corner at the top deck of the East Grow Chamber. Turn off the gravity and float over to the opposite corner of the room. You’ll find the Marker Fragment hidden in a small corner, as shown in the image above.

Chapter 7 – Marker Fragment #8

Marker locations Dead Space Remake
Marker Fragment in Mineral Samples (image by eXputer)

The next Marker Fragment can be found in Chapter 7 in the Mineral Samples area. You’ll come across it while working towards the main objective that asks you to look for the SOS Beacon. But there are a few things that you’ll require to get the Marker Fragment. You need the Security Clearance Level 3 through the Dallas Rig (grants the clearance). But by NG+, you’ll likely have access to all of these. But in case you don’t, the Security Clearance can be found inside the Processing Control room.

Once you’re equipped with everything you need, head to the Processing Level of the Mining Deck. Move towards the opposite side of the large processing chamber and find the door to the Mineral Samples next to the shop. The Marker Fragment will be on a shelf.

Chapter 8 – Marker Fragment #9

dead space remake all marker locations in comms array
Marker Fragment in Comms Array (captured by eXputer)

The ninth Marker Fragment can be found in Chapter 8, in the Communications Hub. You’ll come across it while fixing the Comms Array by solving a puzzle. While solving the puzzle, face towards the Communication Control screen. From that exact point, move to the left all the way, and the Marker Fragment will be hidden inside a corruption-covered hole.

Alternatively, head to the Comms Array on the Bridge Deck and start floating around in the Zero-G area. On the right of the communication control sign, you’ll be able to spot large Necromorph growth. Float towards it and grab it.

Chapter 10 – Marker Fragment #10

deluxe bedrooms
Marker Fragment in Deluxe Quarters (image by eXputer)

There is no Marker Fragment in Chapter 9. Instead, you’ll find the next two in Chapter 10, in the Deluxe Quarters. Start the “Destroy Tendril in Deluxe Quarters” mission objective. Clear the quarantine area and collect the power source from the Deluxe Quiet Bunks. Go to level B and place the power source in place, which will open up a bunch of doors that you can unlock.

Head back to the Deluxe Quarters, and you’ll notice that the Deluxe Shift Bunks room will be unlocked due to the power source. Enter inside, and the Marker Fragment can be found on top of the desk, as shown in the image above.

Chapter 10 – Marker Fragment #11

Marker Fragment in Inquiry Desks (screenshot by us)

There are two different Marker Fragments in Chapter 10. The second Marker Fragment can be found in the Inquiry Desks. Track the mission that asks you to “Destroy the Tendril in Chief Steward’s Office.” You’ll need access to the Inquiry Desks. Meet with T. Kyne on the Crew Deck, and he’ll provide you with the access needed to go inside. The Marker Fragment can be found on top of a table next to a wine bottle.

Chapter 11 – Marker Fragment #12

last marker
In Cargo Bay (image by eXputer)

The twelfth and final Marker Fragment can be found in Chapter 11, in the Cargo Bay area. You need to get the marker before you start the “Engage the Cargo Crane” mission objective. Head over to the southeastern corner of the Cargo Bay, and you’ll find the Marker Fragment on a shelf.

What To Do With The Marker Fragments?

what to do with marker fragments in dead space remake
Marker Fragments Placement Area (captured by eXputer)

Once you have the Marker Fragments, there are actually a few things that you need to do with them in order to initiate the alternate ending. Do not continue onwards the Chapter 12, but instead try locating the Executive Quarters. You can head over there through a tram station by going towards the Crew Quarters area.

When you’re at the Crew Quarters area, move towards the “To Crew Deck” door and through the “Common Area” door. Keep moving down the hallway, and on your left, you’ll see the “Central Nexus” door. Go inside and up to the Floor 1 area. You’ll find a broken window, head through it and turn right into the Cargo Lift.

You should be able to spot a door that says, “To Executive Quarters.” Pass through the doors to eventually reach Captain B. Mathius’ office. Inside the office, you’ll find a large and ominous table. Place all of your fragments inside, which will trigger a cutscene, and then continue playing the game as normal. Eventually, you’ll get the secret alternative ending.

Finding all of the Marker Fragments is definitely a long and tedious process. But it truly is worth hunting each Marker Fragment location down if you’re a completionist and like completing all side missions or just want to see the new alternative ending in Dead Space Remake. To have an easier time with your NG+ playthrough, you should probably try finding all of the schematic locations to strengthen weapons like the Force Gun. You can also check out our guide on the best upgrades and armor upgrades to ensure you never struggle in a fight. 

With that, you know everything about the Marker Fragment locations in Dead Space Remake. They’re mostly in your path while completing the main objectives of the game. If you actively try looking for them, you won’t have a hard time collecting each of the fragments! 

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