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Issac’s Advanced Soldier RIG Suit or Armor has a total of 6 levels in the game. The first level of the suit is obtained at the very beginning of the game, whereas the level 6 suit is obtained by completing the main story of Dead Space Remake at least once. The level 6 suit comes with many benefits and is definitely worth the grind.

Key Highlights

  • Issac’s Advanced Soldier RIG Suit has six different levels in the game.
  • Level 6 Suit can only be purchased from a shop.
  • The suit becomes available for purchase for 99,000 Credits after you beat the game at least once and enter the new game plus.
  • No schematics are needed in order to get the level 6 suit in the game.
  • Level 6 Suit boosts defense by 30%

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How To Get The Level 6 Suit 

dead space remake level 6 suit
Level 6 Suit Unlocked By Completing The Game (Image Captured by eXputer)

As we have already mentioned before that, Issac’s spacesuit has six different levels. Level 1 is obtained at the very beginning of the game, whereas you’ll have to find schematics for the other levels. However, obtaining the level 6 suit is actually quite different. Additionally, there are also other suits for Issac in the game that are locked behind the Deluxe Edition, according to this Subreddit post.

First, you’ll have to beat the main story of the game at least once. The level 6 suit can only be accessed when you are in New Game Plus, which requires you to beat the game. Once you’re in the new game, plus, you will be eligible to purchase the level 6 version of Issac’s suit in the game. 

Purchasing The Level 6 Suit
Purchasing The Level 6 Suit (Image Captured by Us)

Make your way to the first shop in the new game plus, and that typically happens after you fix up the trams in the game. At the shop, you will be able to purchase the level 6 variant of the suit. However, it will cost you a lot as the price of the suit is 99,000 Credits in Dead Space Remake. 

In conclusion, you don’t have to look for any schematics in order to obtain the level 6 upgrade. All you need to do is beat the game and stack up 99,000 Credits in Dead Space Remake. And spending such a huge amount on that suit is worth it since it will help you a lot in playing the game on higher difficulty levels.

Advantages Of Level 6 Suit

There are many benefits of getting the level 6 upgrade of Issac’s Suit in the game. However, the following is the major pro of obtaining this suit;

  • Armor or Defense is increased by 30%.

This advantage is extremely beneficial for players in Dead Space Remake, especially if they are trying to beat the game at greater difficulties in order to obtain some of the Achievements. That 30% decrease in damage received from the enemy is extremely useful in many situations as well.

So it is probably for the best that you invest in the level 6 suit as soon as you can. Additionally, you can always end up grinding credits by killing enemies, opening containers, and selling various items in Dead Space Remake. Additionally, you also get approximately 50,000 Credits by beating the game once which is also needed to make the level 6 suit available at the shops.


Dead Space Remake is one of the best remakes that have been released recently, and it has received positive remarks from both the new players and fans of the original game. The best weapons in the game make a return in the remake, and that includes our trusty Plasma Cutter as well. The Developers have also expanded upon the story of the game and introduced an even bigger Ishimura that you can explore in the remake. Dead Space Remake really builds upon the best qualities of the original game.

This con concludes our guide on the Level 6 Suit for Issac in Dead Space Remake. We have entailed the method of obtaining the suit in complete detail. We hope that the guide was helpful in obtaining that final upgrade of your suit in the game. Let us know what you think about Dead Space Remake in the comments below!


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