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Dead Space Remake grants players with suits that can be worn and taken to battle in case the player needs extra protection. In times like these, suits like the Dead Space Remake Level 5 Suit can come in handy, and therefore, players might need help figuring out how they can get their hands on the Suit! 

Key Highlights  

  • Dead Space Remake has suits that can act as armor sets that can provide protection for the player while in the middle of combat. 
  • Players will need to get their hands on a schematic rig before they are able to get the suit. 
  • The schematic RIGs will be located throughout the storyline, and players will need to head into different rooms if they are to obtain them. 
  • Each suit will also have an upgrade, such as the Level 5 suit having the Level 6 upgrade
  • The level 6 suit is acquired in New Game Plus for a total of 99000 credits.
  • The main benefit of knowing where to get the suit is simply that players can use it to guard themselves more!

Pre-Requisites For Getting Level 5 Suit 

Before players can even think of getting their hands on the Suit, there will be a weapon that players will need to get. Players must obtain the Advanced Engineer RIG Schematic, made available to them when they have advanced through the main storyline and reached chapter 10

The chapter 10 mission will have quite a few objectives that players will need to get through, most of which are listed as follows: 

  • One of the first objectives the players must do is to get their hands on a certain Crew Deck Key.
  • After that, they will end up having an encounter with a hunter, and they are given the objective of escaping the hunter, through which they have to find a way to get away from the hunter to keep themselves safe. 
  • With that, players will also get the objective to “Destroy the Tendril in the Standard Quarters,” where players will have to make their way into the standard quarters, where there is a tendril that will need to be destroyed. 
  • After that, players will need to go into the Deluxe Quarters after they are done with the standard quarters, where they are welcomed with yet another tendril that they will need to destroy. 
  • As for the next objective, players will have to move their way into the Executive Quarters now, and when they do so, they can encounter yet another tendril that they will be tasked to destroy. 
  • Once that has been done, players can go into the final Chief Steward’s Office, where players can destroy another tendril. 
  • After that, there is aExecutive Shuttle that players will need to go towards, and they will be given the objective of reaching the shuttle. 
  • After players have reached there, they can Kill the Hunter

Getting The RIG

Once you’re in chapter 10 and have viewed the objectives, let’s discuss how players can get to the location of the Advanced Engineer EIG

  • When it comes to the Advanced Engineer RIG, players can get it from the Crew Quarters. 

When players are in chapter 10, they will have the main objective to “Find The Crew Deck Key,” which will come in before heading to find the advanced Engineer rig (which we will discuss further). 

  • When starting, players are infront of a metal door that is quite wide, and it leads into another place. 
  • Right on top of the door, there is a sign that is dark green and will say something along the lines of “To Crew Deck” it will have white arrows that will point upwards, but it indicates that the crew deck is present beyond the metal doors. 
  • Right below the Sign that says “To Crew Deck,” there will also be a writing that says “welcome to the Ishimura Crew Deck.” 
  • Right below the Sign and on the metal doors, there is a hologram of a blue circle with a rectangle cutting right through the middle that will give the players whether they want to open the door or not.
  • Players want to go ahead and get closer to the door, through which they can interact with it, and if players are on PC, they can click on E to open up the door. 
  • Once it has been pressed, it will indicate that the player wants to head inside, and it will go ahead and start sliding the door up, and then once the door is fully latched up, the players can enter. 

Entering The Crew Quarters 

To Crew Deck
To Crew Deck (Image Credits Exputer)

Once the players find the entrance to the crew quarters and the door opens up, they can see what’s inside. 

  • From the moment that the door opens, there is a slope that leads downwards. 
  • The room inside is quite dark and eerie, indicating a dangerous environment incoming, and players will need to stay on their guard at all times, no matter what. 
  • The walls leading down are quite lightly colored, probably an off-white or a very light grey color, and there are rips in the walls leading in, indicating wear and tear. 
  • Once they have crossed the door, it will immediately end up closing behind them, signaling them to keep moving forward. 
  • Start making your way down the slope, and as you do so, players can also take note of the darkness that surrounds them at all times, no matter what. 
  • As you make your way down, there is practically no light except a small ray of light that is shining right at the very end of the slope
  • The light comes from a small hole towards the left end of the room, and players can take note of the rectangular box where the hole is placed. 

Right infront of the player, they cannot yet another door awaits them. When it comes to the door’s appearance, players can very clearly see how worn out it is and how rustic and broken down it appears to be. 

  • On the right side of the door, there is a small red sign that is present there. Upon closer inspection, there will be a no-smoking sign that the player can take note of. 
  • Right on top of the door, there is yet another green sign that is present, and right on the Sign, there is a saying that says “Common Area,” and right below that, there is another writing that says “welcome to the Ishimura Crew Deck.” 
  • The door will open the same way the previous one did, and players can head into the common area. 

Going Into The Common Area 

When you make your way into the common area, you can take note of the massive room that is present right infront of you. 

  • Right when players enter the room, the first thing that they can see is the giant open area. 
  • Right in the middle of the room, there is a large rectangular pillar standing upright, which is extremely worn off. Some slits are in the pillar, and there are also etchings or a symbol that is present right in the middle of the pillar. 
  • On the bottom of the pillar, several dead bodies are present, and their heads are tilted to the side; one of the corpses having their corpse be tilted to the right side, while the other is facing another corpse with its head tilted to the left side. 
  • The bodies can be seen placed with a little distance between them, and they are all sitting upright against the pillar’s base

After that, right on the floor, tons of lights are illuminating the floor, and the color of the lights will be a glowing yellow. 

  • The lights themselves are conveniently all across the floor, with two lamps placed right infront of the corpses. Another corpse is placed within a few feet towards the wall, while another is placed infront of another pillar. One lamp is placed right towards the back. 
  • If players pan their camera to the right, they can note the similar structure placed all around the room and the similar lines on the walls. 
  • There is yet another pillar placed right in the middle of the room, and players can start advancing forward when steering toward the right. 
  • Players want to go ahead and start making their way forward, from where they are able to see a small curve that will be present towards the end of a wall a few feet infront of them. 

When heading there, players can head inside yet another door with a sign on top that indicates that players can head into the zero-G Gym

Heading Into Zero-G Gym 

ZeroG Gym
ZeroG Gym (Image Credits Exputer)

Interacting with the door, players can open it up, and the door itself will end up sliding open from the middle. 

  • Going into the Gym, it showcases a long hallway in the same futuristic way as the previous rooms were showcased. 
  • Through each curvature in the wall, there is a slight illumination that can be seen, and the illumination is present with a bump in the wall, and the curve then starts leading down. 
  • There is a left turn that players can make, but you want to go ahead and skip going into the area and instead keep heading forth. 
  • Going deeper into eh hallway, players can see another door indicated as the Locker Room and Showers, and players can head into it where the Advanced Engineer RIG is present in the room. 

Accessing The Store 

Advanced Engineer RIG
Advanced Engineer RIG (Image Credits Exputer)

After players have gotten the Advanced Rig, they can take it to any store with tons of items that they can buy, and players can get it by spending 60000 credits

The Suit itself will be able to provide the players with a total of 20% damage reduction, while there are 30 inventory slots for it. 


Moving on, let’s take a look at the special upgrade that is available for the Suit, which is the Level 6 Advanced Suit and can be bought after players have managed to start New Game Plus for a total of 99000 credits

  • Stasis Duration: 1 node 
  • Stasis Zone: 1 node 
  • Stasis energy: 1 node 
  • Oxygen: 1 node


And there we have it! All that players need to know about the Level 5 Suit, and with that, we will wrap up our Dead Space Remake Level 5 Suit guide! While you’re at it, why not read up on our Dead Space Remake Weapon Tier List so that you are able to get a better insight into how all the weapons have been ranked and how they perform in the game!

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