Dead Space Remake: How To Defeat The Leviathan



Our old friend, the Leviathan makes a return with a fresh new coat of paint in the Dead Space Remake, and one must know the strategy and which items should preferably be at your disposal while taking on this monstrosity. Just as a reminder, the Leviathan makes his appearance in chapter 6,Environmental Hazards”. Players who are playing this series for the first time are in for a spectacle.

In this boss fight, players would have to eject a giant Necromorph named the Leviathan. This boss can be pretty tough for new players, provided that you’re not playing the game on the easy difficulty. Thus, knowing which strategy you should adopt is important before taking it on.

Key Highlights

  • Before taking on the Leviathan, one must make sure to have the proper weapons and an ample amount of ammo.
  • As you begin the boss fight, you will only need to worry about attacking a dodging its tentacles. The yellow sacks near the base are its weak spots.
  • During the second phase, the Leviathan will start spewing orbs at the player. It is recommended that you use kinesis to grab them mid-air and send them back to the sender.
  • When the third phase begins, the Leviathan will attack you with both its orbs and the tentacles. Use your heavy weapons to inflict heavy damage and end the fight quickly.

Preliminary Leviathan Boss Fight Preparation

preliminary preperation
The Shop in Dead Space Remake (Image Captured by eXputer)

It goes without saying that before you take on a boss, be sure to stock up on some ammo and healing items beforehand. Even you were misfortunate enough to waste all your ammo on the common mobs you fought before. You don’t need to worry much, as you will see a ton of items just floating around in the boss arena. Players can also purchase some ammo from the shop in Hydroponic’s Central Hub.

We will recommend treating the Plasma Cutter as your best friend during this fight. Pulse Rifle is also a good alternative, but it’s no Plasma Cutter.  In case you have plans for maining the Plasma Cutter throughout the game then do read our Best Plasma Cutter Build guide as well. For the heavy hitter, we will recommend keeping Contact Beam in your inventory.  While we are on the topic, consider reading our guide on the best weapons in Dead Space Remake, in case you are interested.

Aside from weapons, we recommend bringing some Statis packs with you as well, but that’s completely optional. As for healing items, even if you don’t have any in your inventory, you can obtain them in the boss arena, so do not worry about that.

Boss Fight Phase 1

leviathan dead space
The Leviathan Phase 1 (Image Credit: eXputer)

Unlike in the original Dead Space, where you only had the option to jump around to different walls in zero gravity. In this fight, you will actually be levitating/floating, which is one of our personal favorite additions to the remake. The first phase of the fight will begin as soon as you’ve passed the point of the arena when the lights are turned on, and Leviathan displays its terrifying appearance.

In this phase, the only thing you need to focus on is dodging the Leviathan’s tentacles by strafing around the arena. One of these tentacles will occasionally throw some yellow liquid on you, so be sure to be on the lookout for that.

As the tentacles continue to attack you, you’ll notice a yellowish sack near the base of the tentacle, as shown in the image below. 

leviathan dead space
Weakness of the tentacles (Image Captured by Us)

That is its weak point. Attack it continuously with either the Plasma Cutter or the Pulse Rifle, or just use Kinesis and throw the exploding canisters at it. Once you have done enough damage, the tentacles will break off, and the second phase of the boss fight will begin.

Phase 2

second phase of the boss fight
The Leviathan Phase 2 (Image Credit: Us)

Once all three tentacles have been cut off. The Leviathan will start attacking you with its mouth. It will start throwing orbs like you. Here, we will recommend saving your bullets and using Kenisis to grab the orbs mid-air and send them back to the sender. You can also use the Kenisis to grab those explosive canisters as well if they are still floating around.

Remember how we told you to bring the Contact Beam with you as well? Well, its time has come, as the Contact Beam can inflict some massive damage on the Leviathan’s mouth. However, don’t use up all the ammo on the Contact Beam just now; you’ll need them later on as well.

Phase 3

leviathan dead space
The Leviathan Phase 3 (Image Captured by eXputer)

Once you have inflicted enough damage, the tentacles will grow back, and you’ll have to worry about dealing with both the tentacles and its mouth at the same time. On top of that, the air will become poisonous, so you will have no choice but to finish the fight quickly.

Now is the time for the Contact Beam to shine, aim properly and focus on attacking its face while occasionally attacking the yellow sacks on the tentacles. The Contact Beam will help you out a lot here as it does devastating damage, however, don’t forget to use Kenisis to grab the orbs mid-air and throw them back at the Levithan as well.

And congratulations, you have successfully defeated a man-made horror beyond our comprehension. 

Wrap Up

That concludes our guide on how to defeat the Leviathan in Dead Space Remake. This is one of the monstrosities that often gives new players the most trouble and seeing how the Dead Space Remake has finally been released. The franchise being introduced to a new generation of players was a long time coming.

In this game, you will come face to face with multiple types of Necromorphs. It would be best to know about your enemy before taking them on. We have a Dead Space: All Necromorphs guide that will help you out with just that. Once you are done with chapter 6, if you are curious about how much of your journey through this nightmare is left then we have a Dead Space: How Long To Beat article prepared as well.

The game is available now on PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. We hope our guide helped you out, and do let us know what you think about the game in the comment section below.


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