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There are nine different weapons in Dead Space which are incredibly unique. Each weapon serves a particular purpose and is viable. The weapon locations are scattered throughout the main story and are relatively easy to find.

Key Highlights  

  • There are a total of 9 different weapons in Dead Space Remake scattered throughout different Chapters.
  • In Chapter 1, players can find the Plasma Cutter and Stasis Module while progressing through the story.
  • Players can attain the Kinesis Module right at the start of Chapter 2, while the Pulse Rifle is found at the Medical Tram Station.
  • The Ripper is obtained in Chapter 3 at the Machine Shop. Also, the Flamethrower is found in the hallway outside the Fuel Storage.
  • In Chapter 4, players can find the Contact Beam on floor 2 of the Bridge Deck.
  • The Line Gun can be obtained in Chapter 5 in the Emergency Equipment Storage room.
  • In Chapter 6, players can find the Force Gun in the West Seedling Room A, which requires a Security Clearance level 2. 

Plasma Cutter 

The iconic and beloved Plasma Cutter is the very first weapon players can attain in Dead Space. It is found in Chapter 1, after 10 minutes of progressing the game. Obtaining this weapon is very easy compared to other weapon locations in Dead Space, as players simply have to play the game.

Dead Space Plasma Cutter
The Plasma Cutter | Screenshot By eXputer

It operates in two different attack modes, Horizontal and Vertical. Making good use of these modes requires optimal stat distribution in your build. If you wish to learn more about the best Plasma Cutter build in Dead Space, you can check out our guide.

Stasis Module

After obtaining the Plasma Cutter in Chapter 1 of the main story, players can find the Stasis Module after progressing for a little bit. It will be in front of a malfunctioning door. Progressing after this point requires equipping the Stasis Module, so do not worry about missing it.

Location Stasis Module
The Stasis Module | Image By Us

The Stasis Module allows players to slow down fast enemies, allowing them to target their weak spots precisely.

Kinesis Module

At the beginning of Chapter 2 of the main story, players can obtain the Kinesis Module right away at the Medical Deck. This weapon allows players to throw or move objects using a form of advanced telekinesis.

Location Kinesis Module
The Kinesis Module | Image By eXputer

Pulse Rifle

The Pulse Rifle is obtained in Chapter 2 of the main story. It is dropped by a dying soldier at the Medical Tram Station. This weapon lacks damage but makes up for it with rapid-fire shots. It is best used in short bursts of shots to ensure accuracy.

Dead Space Pulse Rifle
The Pulse Rifle | Image By eXputer

The weapon is extremely useful against quick Necromorphs thanks to its rapid-fire capabilities. It can also stagger enemies with its barrage.


The Ripper is obtained in Chapter 3 of the main story. It is found beside a corpse at the Machine Shop. The weapon is pretty much guaranteed, as this area is required to progress the main story. It is a weapon that uses small saw blades as ammunition.

Weapon Location Dead Space
The Ripper’s Location | Image By eXputer

When fired, the blades rip and tear through everything in its path. Also, it does decent damage too, killing most Necromorphs in 1 hit.


In Chapter 3 of the main story, players can find the Flamethrower on a corpse sticking out of the wall in the hallway after entering the Engine Room. The Flamethrower is best used in short bursts to conserve ammunition. 

Dead Space Flamethrower
The Flamethrower’s Location | Image By Us

It can set enemies ablaze, dealing damage over time. Keep in mind this fire can also burn you if you get too close.

Contact Beam

The Contact Beam is found in Chapter 4 of the main story. Obtaining this weapon requires a little bit of side-tracking. The story will lead you to floor 2 of the Bridge Deck. After arriving there, head to the location marked on the map and head to the room with Security Clearance Level 2. The weapon will be there beside a corpse.

Dead Space Contact Beam
The Contact Beam’s Location | Image By Us

It is an adequate weapon for obliterating single targets, able to kill them in 1 or 2 hits. However, it is a poor choice for crowd control. In addition, the ammunition for this weapon is scarce.

Line Gun

Players will be chased by the Hunter in Chapter 5 of the main story. After escaping from him, players will reach an area near the Emergency Equipment Storage room, which requires a Security Clearance Level 2. The Line Gun will be inside this room. We have marked the location in the image below.

Location Line Gun
Line Gun’s Location | Image Grab: eXputer

The Line Gun is designed for crowd control. It works similarly to the Plasma Cutter’s Horizontal Attack Mode. In addition, its blast can also pierce an enemy, allowing for extremely powerful crowd control capabilities.

Force Gun

The Force Gun is obtained after heading to the West Grow Chamber in Chapter 6 of the main story. Once there, head into the West Seedling Room A, which requires a Security Clearance level 2. The Force Gun will be there. Also, you can check the map given below for an accurate location.

Location Force Gun
The Force Gun’s Location | Image By Us

It specializes in close-range combat, being able to knock enemies down with one hit. Its secondary fire shoots a bomb, which should be paired up with the Stasis Module to ensure a guaranteed hit.

Full Arsenal Achievement

Attaining all 9 weapons in Dead Space will unlock the Full Arsenal Achievement / Trophy.


Dead Space is one of the most iconic and beloved survival horror games ever made. Once a relic of the past, it has now been remade from the ground up for the current generation of gaming. Released on January 27,- 2023, it has captured the terrifying sci-fi essence of what made the original Dead Space the cult classic it was over a decade ago. The remake has been received well; even its funny glitches are loved by fans.

And there you have it; with our guide on all weapon locations in Dead Space, you will be able to find all the weapons to obliterate every enemy easily. Also, if you wish to learn about the talented Dead Space Remake voice actors, you can check out our guide. Check out our Dead Space weapons tier list to learn all about the viability of each one.


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