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The armor upgrades in the brand-new Dead Space Remake allow your protagonist, Isaac Clarke, to withstand more punishment against the deadly Necromorph lifeforms. The main component of your armor or suit is called the RIG, which stands for Resource Integration Gear, and in order to improve it, you can hunt down various schematics across the main campaign or buy a couple of them directly from the shop to upgrade Isaac’s armor.

Purchasing nodes on each armor will further enhance them but upgrading from each armor level will drastically provide new benefits such as increased inventory slots as well as better damage mitigation.

Key Highlights

  • Upgrading Isaac’s armor in Dead Space Remake is simple enough but the process of acquiring the aforementioned upgrades can be fairly tricky, especially for new players.
  • Isaac’s suit, called the “RIG,” will gradually need to be upgraded in order for it to have extra inventory slots as well as enhanced armor capabilities.
  • Players will need to hunt down schematics in various locations after their first upgrade so that they can unlock each upgrade for purchase in the store.
  • Each armor level will also visually alter the appearance of Isaac’s suit, fortifying almost every body part with hardened plating units.
  • There are six total armor upgrades for Isaac’s RIG, but most importantly, the sixth and final armor upgrade can only be unlocked in a New Game+ Playthrough.
  • If players do not upgrade their armor, they will most likely have a harder time surviving the Necromorph infestation threat across the USG Ishimura.

Default Armor

dead space default armor
The default armor (Image Captured by Us)
  • Inventory slots: 12
  • Armor defense: None

The first RIG armor will be available to you right from the early going of the game as it is your default armor and design-wise it supports an ordinary design that most rigs come outfitted on the USG Shimura.

It is worth noting that the armor has retained its look from the original Dead Space, with the core differences being that the details are much more refined, plus the armor on the chest of Isaac seems to be much bigger in size than the one from the original game. It won’t be too long before you can start upgrading or customizing its properties on the deeper spectrum.

Suit Level 2

dead space remake armor level 2
Level 2 armor (Image Captured by Us)
  • Inventory slots: 18
  • Armor defense: 5%
  • How to unlock: Purchased from the store
  • Upgrade Cost: 10,000 Credits

Not long into the game, you will soon be able to acquire your first armor upgrade, which will also provide you with a bit of defense from damage alongside extra inventory slots. Furthermore, you will be able to purchase this pretty soon in the beginning hours of the game on your first visit to the store.

It will cost you 10,000 credits, so if you won’t have that. We suggest saving up in order to grab your first armor upgrade in the game as soon as possible because later on, you will probably need to hustle and collect schematics to unlock the next upgrade tier. Lastly, design-wise, Isaac’s RIG will gain a torso plate, with which now he is fully protected, at least on the front upper parts of his body.

Intermediate Engineer RIG

dead space remake armor upgrades
Armor level 3 (Image by eXputer)
  • Inventory slots: 22
  • Armor defense: 10%
  • How to unlock: Found in the EVA Prep Room during Chapter 4
  • Upgrade Cost: 20,000 Credits
dead space remake armor locations
How to find the Level 3 armor (Image by eXputer)

The schematics for the Level 3 armor upgrade can be found in the third chapter, and you will know you’re in the right location to collect it because the EVA Prep room can be found to the right of the hallway in the Exterior Access corridor. As shown in the image above, you simply need to collect the schematics, which will be laying on the bench in the room and then head back to the store in order to unlock them for purchase.

There aren’t any significant changes to your look design-wise, and the extra four inventory slots may not provide a substantial difference, but with an increase in armor defense, it still proves to be a valuable upgrade nonetheless that every player should pick up if they’re playing the game for the first time.

Intermediate Miner RIG

dead space remake armor level 4
Armor level 4 (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
  • Inventory slots: 26
  • Armor defense: 15%
  • How to unlock: Found in the Equipment Workshop during chapter 7
  • Upgrade Cost: 35,000 Credits
dead space remake armor level 4
How to find armor level 4 schematics (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Minor RIG is one of the mid-game’s best Dead Space Remake Armor upgrades. The schematics for the level 4 armor upgrade will be in the Equipment workshop on the 2nd mining floor section. As shown in the image above, simply proceed by going through the doorway to the corridor, and the schematics will be alongside the generator here.

This will be right after the moment you save and defend Nicole from the Necromorph invasion. Furthermore, with the following armor upgrade, you will also notice a visual difference in that armor plating is now supported across both of Isaac’s shoulders.

Advanced Engineering RIG

dead space remake armor 5
Armor level 5 (Image by eXputer)
  • Inventory slots: 30
  • Armor defense: 20%
  • How to unlock: Located in the Locker Room showers area on the Crew Quarters section.
  • Upgrade Cost: 60,000 Credits

The Advanced Engineering RIG is the level 5 armor suit that you can get and one of the last ones for the playthrough (until you jump into New Game+ for the final one). The armor plating is now supported across both of the upper thigh areas of Isaac, as well as giving his armor a metallic bronze visual. Locating it can be a bit bothersome, but it should be pretty straightforward as long as you follow the steps mentioned down below:

dead space remake armor level 5
How to find schematics for armor level 5 (Image credit: eXputer)
  • In Chapter 10, you will be directed to locate the crew deck key.
  • From the Crew deck door, you will soon reach the Common area, a large yet eerie room.
  • Head to the top-right side, as depicted in our images shown above, which will lead you to the Zero-G Gym corridor.
  • From here, continue moving along to the right instead of heading straight, and you will locate the Locker Room and Showers room.
  • Enter the room, and the schematics for the armor will be lying on top of a bench here.

Advanced Soldier RIG

dead space remake how to unlock level 6 suit
The level 6 suit (Image credit: eXputer)
  • Inventory slots: 30
  • Armor defense: 30%
  • How To Unlock: Can be purchased from the store during New Game+
  • Upgrade Cost: 99,000 Credits

Finally, the last armor upgrade that you can acquire is the Level 6 suit, called the Advanced Soldier RIG, and although it may not offer new inventory slots over the previous version, this armor certainly carries the look of being a rebellious slayer of deadly extraterrestrial lifeforms.

Thankfully, all you need to do in order to unlock it is by starting up a new game+ playthrough of Dead Space Remake, and then you can purchase it at the store in the game. The only downside is that you may need to farm a heavy amount of credits before you can purchase and craft it for Isaac.

The Wrap-Up

If you are also looking for the best stat upgrades in Dead Space Remake, then consider checking out a fairly recent Subreddit Post where multiple users have shared their feedback on which stats you should prioritize upgrading firsthand. Similarly, you can also check out our guide on the Best Upgrades in Dead Space Remake, which will give you an idea of which upgrades are essential to enhance.

However, in our suggestion, it’s best to grab health, especially if you’re not familiar with the survival horror genre, but it also doesn’t hurt to invest your nodes into Kinesis Grab Range as well as your Stasis energy.

Likewise, if you’re trying to farm credits or any kind of resource, then make sure to complete all the Side Missions in the game. The last thing you will want to avoid is not trying to min-max all of the Plasma Cutter’s Upgrades, which is quite possibly one of the Best Weapons in Dead Space Remake.

For now, we appreciate you taking the time to read the article. If you have any kind of questions or queries related to the armor upgrades in the game, then be sure to let us down below in the comments section, and we will be more than happy to point you in the right direction. As always, eXputer wishes you luck!

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