Dead Space Master Override Gate Locations and Rewards



A new introduction in Dead Space Remake is Master Override, which allows you to get more items from Master Lock locations. There are many Master Locks inside the Ishimura, these are doors that you can unlock after finding the Master Override. The problem is finding them.

Here is a guide that shows you where to find all Dead Space Master Override gate locations in Dead Space Remake.

All Dead Space Master Override Door Locations

After getting Master Override, here are all the Master Lock locations you can use it on:

Loading bay, Hangar-Cargo-Tram station

A crate containing the Suspension Module, an upgrade for the Force Gun, can be found on Floor 1.

Suspension Module (Force Gun upgrade)

A box containing carbon fiber blades, an upgrade for the Ripper.

Carbon Fiber Blades (Ripper Upgrade)

A box containing precision lasers, an upgrade to the linear gun.

Precision Lasers (Linear Gun Upgrade)

executive quarters, crew quarters

A box containing a gold semiconductor that can be sold at any store for 3,000 credits.

Transfer Crossover, Aegis VII

A box containing three nodes used for Bench upgrades.

Water purification storage, bridge

A room containing a node and high output grenades, an upgrade to the pulse rifle.

Node, High Yield Grenades (Pulse Rifle Upgrade)

A room containing the Diffraction Module, an upgrade to the Contact Beam.

Diffraction modulus (contact beam upgrade)

Deluxe quarters, crew quarters

A room containing High Pressure Nozzle, an upgrade for the Flamethrower.

High Pressure Nozzle (Flamer Upgrade)

How to get the master override in Dead Space Remake?

You need Finish the You Are Not Authorized sidequest. which is available in Chapter 4. Trigger this mission by interacting with Bridge Security in the Captain’s Nest and you will be tasked with locating 7 RIGs from USG Ishimura officers.

The RIGs needed to complete this side quest can be found at different locations in Ishimura. Our Not Authorized Side Quests guide shows a full walkthrough of where each RIG can be found.

All Master Lock Locations in Dead Space Remake

Check out this Youtube video of señorreign which shows you the new version of Dead Space: all the locations of doors and master override boxes:



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