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The Hive Mind is the final boss in Dead Space Remake. Encountered in Chapter 12, it is a deadly enemy thanks to its mindless rampage and acidic attacks.

Key Highlights  

  • The Hive Mind is encountered in Chapter 12 of the main story. It is the final boss of the game.
  • In the arena, there will be crates that provide valuable ammo and other resources.
  • At the start of the fight, it will have 5 weak spots that must be destroyed.
  • After destroying 1 weak spot, it will spit out an acidic bomb that explodes after a short while.
  • Once all weak spots are destroyed, some Slashers will spawn that must be killed.
  • The final phase will begin after killing the Slashers.
  • Here, you must destroy 5 weak spots inside the Hive Mind’s chest as soon as it gives you an opening.
  • After destroying those weak spots, it will grab you. Now, you must destroy the final weak spot in its mouth to end the fight.

How To Kill The Hive Mind In Dead Space Remake

The Hive Mind is an incredibly powerful and gigantic enemy, so it is important to have a strategy in mind to destroy this monstrosity efficiently.

Upgrading Your Equipment

As the Hive Mind is the final boss in Dead Space, this is your last chance to upgrade your equipment at the Bench. Make sure you are properly geared, lest you end up struggling against this boss. If you wish to learn about the best upgrades in Dead Space Remake, you can check out our guide.

First Phase

  • When the fight begins, players will notice 5 weak spots on the Hive Mind’s body.
  • You have to destroy all weak spots to damage the boss and progress through the fight.
Hive Mind Dead Space
The Hive Mind’s Yellowish Weak Spots | Image By eXputer
  • After hitting one weak spot, the Hive Mind will spit out an acidic blob that explodes after some time.
  • There will be some crates in the arena that provide valuable resources. Make sure you break them if you’re running low on ammo.
  • You will have to move out of the blob’s explosive range.
  • Alternatively, players can also shoot these from a safe distance to create extra space.
  • Once all 5 weak spots have been destroyed, the fight will move on to the next phase.

We recommended using the Plasma Cutter’s Vertical Attack Mode to destroy each weak spot precisely. Also, if you wish to learn more about the best Plasma Cutter build in Dead Space, you should check out our guide.

Second Phase

  • In the second phase, the Hive Mind will start spawning Slashers.
  • If you are using the Plasma Cutter, switch to the Horizontal Attack Mode to get rid of the mobs quickly.
  • Once you have killed all Slashers, the final phase will start.

Final Phase

  • Once the final phase starts, the Hive Mind will get desperate.
  • It will start lashing out its tentacles randomly, so make sure you are always on the move.
  • Also, it will spit out a line of acid that will burn on the arena for a while. Touching it will inflict damage on Issac, so make sure to avoid it.
  • The Hive Mind will have 5 weak spots again in this phase, except they will be inside its chest.
Weak Spots Hive Mind
The Hive Mind’s Weak Spots In Its Chest | Image By Us
  • It will open its chest for a brief moment during the fight, providing you with an opportunity to strike the weak spots.
  • Once you have destroyed all weak spots, the Hive Mind will grab Issac with its tentacle.
  • You will have to destroy the weak spot inside its mouth while it is holding Issac.
  • Since the Hive Mind is constantly moving, hitting this weak spot is a little difficult.
  • You have a lot of time during this, so you should take your time positioning your shot and then firing away. Do not panic and waste ammo.


Players will unlock the Mindless Prey Achievement / Trophy after killing the Hive Mind. 


Dead Space is one of the most iconic and beloved survival horror games ever made. Once a relic of the past, it has now been remade from the ground up for the current generation of gaming. Released on January 27,- 2023, it has captured the terrifying sci-fi essence of what made the original Dead Space the cult classic it was over a decade ago.

And there you have it; with our guide on how to defeat the Hive Mind in Dead Space Remake, you will be able to annihilate this monstrosity and finish the game easily.

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