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This sci-fi horror video game is a recreation of the original Dead Space series, and as such, it has a number of distinctive gameplay elements. The Security Clearance levels, which include numerous valuables, are one of them. One of the most significant adjustments Motive made in the horror remake was the security clearance levels for Dead Space. There are several locked doors and containers throughout Ishimura that need different levels of security clearance to unlock.

Key Highlights

  • This Security Clearance will provide you access to locked rooms and containers that contain valuable loot.
  • You can unlock Security Clearance level 1 in Chapter 2: Intensive Care, and you can obtain this clearance from Captain’s Rig by speaking with Hammond in the Morgue of a Medical Deck.
  • Security Clearance level 2 will be available in Chapter 4: Obliteration Imminent.
  • You’ll understand it once you’ve spoken with Hammond on the Bridge Deck. This is in the area of Captain’s Nest.
  • You can find Security Clearance level 3 in Dead Space in Chapter 7: Through the Void.
  • Find the Mining Supervisor Dallas’ Rig on Ishimura’s mining deck to get this clearance.

As you access these doors, you can loot the credits and ammunition there. Dead Space’s success depends on these security clearance upgrades since they provide you access to locations and places that contain valuable upgrades or secrets.

Security Clearance Levels 

Security Clearances In Dead Space
Security Clearances In Dead Space Explained

A new process called Dead Space Security Clearance encourages you to go back to earlier regions on the Ishimura and grab their treasures. On the Ishimura, seeing closed doors and containers that need a higher Clearance Level close to the beginning of your voyage can be annoying, especially if you are low on supplies.

When the security clearance levels for your Rig have been raised enough, you can access parts of the ship that were previously off-limits because of the Dead Space security clearance levels. With the use of these optional security doors, which also hold significant valuables, the best Dead Space suit upgrades or even Dead Space Power Nodes that may be utilized to unlock the finest Dead Space weapon upgrades may be opened.

The fact that you will nearly always return to an area despite finding a nice upgrade or resource in a room is worth mentioning. This implies that once your Clearance level is raised, you can go on until the storyline forces you to go back. There are some exceptions though, so you might want to go back in between storyline beats if you discover that despite filling up an area’s map, you have yet to enter one or two Security Clearance doors.

Master Override is not achieved as part of the game’s plot, in contrast to the Clearance level. The “You Are Not Authorised” secondary objective requires you to gather seven Rigs instead. Once all of the rigs have been located, you may combine the data to obtain Master Override, which will let you into areas and containers that are more tightly controlled.

How To Upgrade Security Levels In Dead Space

In Dead Space, there are three different security clearance levels. Over the course of the storyline, these Dead Space Security clearance levels can be gradually unlocked. Here are the three Security Clearance Levels.

Security Clearance Level One

Dead Space Security Clearances Level 1
Security Clearances Level 1 In Dead Space

Chapter 2: Intensive Care has a clue that can unlock this clearance level. By speaking with Hammond in the Morgue of a Medical Deck, you can get this clearance from Captain’s Rig.

If you discover the Captain’s Rig, you get Security Clearance of level 1. As the tale of Dead Space unfolds, this will be one of your primary goals to accomplish. You will need to locate the Captain, who is in the morgue, at Ishimura’s Medical Wing. There will be a barricade preventing you from descending before you reach the Morgue.

To get to the opposite side, you must build a bomb and detonate it against the barrier. Before you can get through Intensive Care and enter the Morgue, you just need to make your way through the emergency room while dodging multiple waves of Necromorphs. In the morgue, the Captain’s body will be on a table. Soon after his body is discovered, a cutscene occurs which he resurrects as a Necromorph.

After killing him and the other Necromorphs who show up in the morgue, go back to the table where you discovered his body to locate his rig. As soon as you finish, your security clearance will be level 1, granting you access to any closed doors and containers that require level 1 security clearance.

Security Clearance Level Two

In Dead Space Security Clearances Level 2
Security Clearances Level 2 In Dead Space

You will get this clearance level in Chapter 4: Obliteration Imminent. After speaking with Hammond on the Bridge Deck, you will get it. This is in the Captain’s Nest region.

In the tale, obtaining Security Clearance level, 2 is a simple task. In Chapter 4, Isaac receives a call from Hammond and Daniels as he steps off the tram to walk to the bridge. The two get into a violent dispute, but Isaac steps in and reminds them that they must cooperate in order to survive.

After the call has ended, move toward the captain’s nest and locate the main atrium. You will see a cutscene of the Ishimura continuing to deteriorate. Before going to the far side of the chamber, where the elevator to the captain’s nest and the escape pods is, search the surroundings for supplies.

When you exit the elevator, enter the door in front of you. A cutscene will play, in which Hammond provides you with information on your next steps and raises your Security Clearance to Level 2. You can enter any area that requires Security Clearance Level 1 or 2 by obtaining Security Clearance Level 2.

Security Clearance Level Three

In Dead Space Security Clearances Level 3
Security Clearances Level 3 In Dead Space

You may find out about the final security clearance level in Dead Space in Chapter 7: Through the Void. To obtain this clearance, you must locate the Mining Supervisor Dallas’ Rig on Ishimura’s mining deck.

After gaining entry to the Mining Deck in Chapter 7, you can obtain Security Clearance level 3. On a console in the control room, Isaac has the responsibility of launching the tubes. He learns that the admin must have the authority to activate these tubes, which motivates him to try to find Dallas’ rig.

You must enter the elevator that reads to the Mining Operations sector in order to complete this quest. Security traps with lasers will be present. You must look around the area for various containers. Then, using Kinesis, raise the boxes and position them in front of the laser beams. You will get enough room to pass through safely by doing this.

Next, you must get to the freight elevator so that you may utilize it to access the Processing room. By interacting with the panel on the elevator, choose “Processing.” The elevator will take you to Deck B’s entrance, which will be your last stop. When you make a right turn, a row of crates will obstruct your path. Then employ Kinesis to clear your route. You will hear several critters making noises in the distance after going through. This is a signal for you to be vigilant.

Two Necromorphs will jump you when you advance a little distance further down the hallway. Kill them, then go on to the target. When you get there, you will see the smelted extracted materials in the center of the processing area in the Dead Space. This region has no gravity because of the four anomalies that are there. These four untreated rocks pose a risk to the equipment since they are.

They are particularly visible owing to their glowing yellow and red colors. Then use L1 and R1 to launch into the air. Use Kinesis once again to fling them into a huge mineral processing beam. Turn on gravity by going to the terminal in the area’s corner. During this, several Necromorphs will ambush. You must overcome them and proceed straight. You will arrive at the command center for mining operations.

That will be where you end up. To obtain a level 3 security clearance, choose Dallas’ Rig. You will be able to open any closed doors that have a lot of resources hidden behind them once you have this.


That concludes the discussion of how to acquire various Security Clearance levels in Dead Space Remake. If you like this guide, see more Dead Space guides, including Impossible Mode Tips & Tricks, Dead Space Remake Best Upgrade, and Dead Space Remake How Long To Beat.

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