Dead Space 2 Remake Hinted At By Text Log Dialogue In Dead Space



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  • The New Game Plus in the Dead Space remake has shown some log texts that hint towards the Dead Space 2’s remake.
  • The log texts are part of New Game+, and we’ll label them as spoilers accordingly.
  • The New Game+ features the secret ending of the game and has already been experienced by some players.

A newfound easter egg in the latest Dead Space Remake has hinted at the revival of another Dead Space game. Thanks to GameSpot, we now know that the New Game Plus mode in the game adds new text logs, with one of them detailing the setting of the original Dead Space 2.   

Note: The below information contains spoilers about the Game Plus mode.

Players unlock some log texts as they set to enter the New Game Plus mode. These log texts appear to be a conversation between two characters, which is more like an email exchange. The characters talk about possible “decommissioning” next year, and due to that, they’re looking for new employment opportunities.

With the conversation pacing, they say they might be working at Sprawl. Now Dead Space fans would not be unaware of what Sprawl is. Sprawl or Titan Station is a location in Dead Space 2.

Three years after the disaster of the USG Ishimura, Issac Clarke arrives at the Sprawl, a space station built into the few remaining chunks of Titan, one of the moons of Saturn. That is what one of the events in Dead Space 2 are all about. 

Although this could mean absolutely nothing, it’s certainly something worth mentioning to gauge whether a Dead Space 2 remake could be on the cards or not. As of now, the currently releasing Dead Space remake fever is all over the place.

The game’s initial Metacritic score hit a fabulous 90 a few hours prior to release as the review embargo was lifted, and it still is going great. With all the hype, a lot of fans have finished the campaign already and are now moving to the New Game Plus.

The New Game Plus is the latest addition to the Dead Space games. You carry all of your previously earned credits in this new mode as you hop on and play with all the guns, suits, and upgrades you achieved while finishing the title.

Upon that you unlock 50,000 credits, 10 Power Nodes, new text logs, and advanced Soldier RIG before starting the Game Plus.

A lot of passionate fans who’ve already completed the entire game and are now onto Game Plus have seen something intriguing and have shared it online. 

Dead Space remake’s “secret ending” has been the most talked-about aspect lately. However, you can only get to this secret ending after you play the Game Plus. Furthermore, Game Plus lets you unlock more and more guns while the previously earned still in your pocket. Stasis and Kinesis, however, need to be re-earned in the Game Plus.

If you do not intend to play the Game Plus mode, the Dead Space remake’s alternate ending is out in the open now. The alternate ending is explained in a nearly 7-minute video uploaded by Stevivor and serves as a walkthrough through the haunting experience.

Furthermore, if you’re unaware, Dead Space remake’s “1 GB” day one Patch is optional to download. The file size is only 1 GB, and you can play the game without downloading it.

While we at our website stay true to our commitment to update you on all the latest news in the industry and the Dead Space remake has been our focus point, do check the eXputer’s Youtube channel, check out the unpredictable horror in Dead Space remake.


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