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By unlocking the Poolside Bio Container, players will be rewarded with a Punctuator Composite Sledgehammer weapon, which can be used to fight off hordes of zombies. Finding the Poolside Bio Container Key can be challenging for many players due to its specific location within Dead Island 2. If you’re looking for guidance on where to find the Poolside Bio Container Key, continue reading this Dead Island 2 poolside container key location guide.

Key Takeaways

  • The Poolside Container Key is needed to unlock a bio container at the Halperin Hotel, which contains a valuable reward, the Pucturator Composite Sledgehammer.
  • In order to acquire the key, it is necessary to finish the primary quest named “Michael Anders and the Holy Grail” located at Monarch Studios.
  • Once you finish the quest, travel quickly to the Halperin Hotel and search for the Sunbather zombie at the Slobber Hotspot, which is situated at the spot where the street has caved in.
  • Defeat Sunbather in combat, being cautious of his acid attacks, and collect the dropped Poolside Container Key.
  • Use the key to unlock the poolside bio container and claim your reward.

IMPORTANT: Only if you get this key will you get the Pucturator Composite Sledgehammer as a reward!

What Is The Poolside Container Key 

The Poolside Container Key in Dead Island 2 is an essential item required to unlock a specific bio container located near the pool at the Halperin Hotel. The container holds a valuable reward, the Pucturator Composite Sledgehammer, which can be a useful addition to your arsenal in Dead Island 2.

  • To obtain the Poolside Container Key, you need to defeat a unique zombie named Sunbather.
  • This enemy will only spawn after you complete the main quest called “Michael Anders and the Holy Grail” at Monarch Studios.
  • Once the quest is finished, you can fast-travel to the Halperin Hotel and search for Sunbather to defeat him and acquire the key.

Poolside Container Key Location

 Hotspot dead island 2 poolside container key Slobber Hotspot
Slobber Hotspot – Image by eXPuter

Complete the “Michael Anders and the Holy Grail” main quest: This is the 15th main quest located at Monarch Studios. Completing this quest will trigger the spawn of the Sunbather zombie, who holds the Poolside Container Key. Follow these steps to locate the poolside container key!

  1. Fast-travel to Halperin Hotel: Once you have completed the main quest, fast-travel to the Halperin Hotel area to begin your search for Sunbather.
  2. Find Sunbather at the Slobber Hotspot: Look for Sunbather, an acid-shooting zombie, in the Slobber Hotspot on the map.
  3. This area is where the road collapsed near the Halperin Hotel.
  4. Engage Sunbather in combat: Fight Sunbather, dodging his acid attacks and hitting him continuously. If you prefer, you can use ranged weapons to take him down from a safe distance.
  5. Defeat Sunbather: Continue attacking Sunbather until he is defeated. Be cautious of his acid attacks, as they can deal significant damage if not dodged properly.
  6. Collect the Poolside Container Key: After defeating Sunbather, he will drop the Poolside Container Key. 
  7. Unlock the Poolside Bio Container: Head to the poolside bio container located near the Halperin Hotel’s pool.
  8. Claim your reward, the Pucturator Composite Sledgehammer, by using the poolside container.

Defeating Sunbather

dead island 2 poolside container key Sunbather
Sunbather – Image by eXPuter

Slobbers are known for their ranged attacks and ability to keep players at a distance. Slobbers have a high resistance to Blunt and Projectile damage and may be immune to other types of damage, depending on their variant. Following are some tips on how to kill this zombie!

  • To defeat them quickly, take advantage of their vulnerabilities to Sharp, Shock, and Bleed damage. Their vomit attacks can inflict damage over time, so avoid standing in the affected areas for too long.
  • Interestingly, these attacks can also harm other zombies, which may help keep them away from the player. Closing the distance between the player and the Slobber forces it to switch to a less effective melee combat mode.
  • Block its attacks and retaliate to defeat the Slobber more efficiently.

This is it, guys; I hope from this Dead Island 2 poolside container key guide that you can easily get the poolside key and get the beast Pucturator Composite Sledgehammer. Consider reading the Which Pool Belongs To Obi’s Crush? and Dead Island 2 Voice Commands guides!


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