Dead Island 2: Mutated Hearts (Ultimate Guide)



I consider Dead Island 2 Mutated Hearts to be a scarce and precious commodity. As I progress through, I encounter a side quest called Body Art: Dread that requires me to collect three Mutated Hearts for Francesca’s art project. In addition to this quest, these unique crafting materials have other uses, such as crafting powerful perks or trading them for a significant amount of in-game currency.

Key Takeaways

  • Finish “The Search for Truth” to unlock the Mutator Zombie type and access mutated hearts.
  • Regularly check the fast travel map for areas with high Mutator Zombie spawn rates.
  • Equip strong weapons with Maiming effects and stock up on healing items for successful battles.
  • Defeat Mutators in Hotspots to increase chances of obtaining mutated hearts.
  • To speed up the process, you can reload your saved game if a Mutator fails to drop a mutated heart.
  • Participate in the Body Art: Dread side quest to gather three mutated hearts to complete Francesca’s quest.
  • Use mutated hearts to create Infectious and Tear ‘N Sear perks, enhancing your abilities.
  • Besides quests, mutated hearts can also be used in crafting or sold to Traders.
  • Selling mutated hearts is less profitable due to their rarity; save them for crafting.
  • You can gain access to Rikky Rex’s residence by completing the “Resurrect the Rex” and “The Ballad of Rikky Rex” quests.

Unlocking The Mutator Zombies

As I progressed through Dead Island 2, I discovered the importance of unlocking Mutator Zombies, the main source of mutated hearts. Here’s how I went about unlocking these special enemies and locating their hotspots.

Progress Through The Main Campaign

I realized that advancing in the main storyline was essential for unlocking Mutator Zombie spawns. In particular, completing quest #21 – Search for the Truth seemed to be a turning point for encountering these enemies more frequently.

Encounter Your First Mutator

During “The Search for Truth” quest, I come face-to-face with my first Mutator. I learned that Mutator Zombies have distinct appearances, making them stand out from regular zombies. By being vigilant during my playthrough, I was able to identify my first Mutator Zombie and engage in combat. When I encountered my first Mutator, I found that using powerful weapons and targeting their weak spots helped me defeat them more efficiently.

Dead Island 2 Mutated Hearts Mutator

Unlocking Mutator Hotspots

After successfully completing the 21st Main Story Quest, Mutator Hotspots start appearing on my fast travel map. These locations have a higher probability of encountering Mutator Zombies, making them prime farming spots for Mutated Hearts.

With the Mutator Zombies unlocked, I can now proceed to locate and farm these powerful foes in my pursuit of Mutated Hearts.

Locating Mutator Hotspots

To effectively farm Mutated Hearts in Dead Island 2, I need to identify and visit Mutator Hotspots, where the chances of encountering Mutator Zombies are higher. Here’s how I located these hotspots and maximized my efforts to collect Dead Island 2 Mutated Hearts.

Exploring Beverly Hills

After unlocking Mutator Zombies, hotspots are marked on my fast travel map. I watch for these locations and prioritize visiting them to find Mutators. One of the areas where Mutator Zombies are commonly found is Beverly Hills. Specifically, the residence of Rikky Rex up the hill is known to be a Mutator Hotspot. Completing Rikky Rex’s side quests, “Resurrect the Rex” and “The Ballad of Rikky Rex,” helps me unlock his residence and make it easier to access this location.

Utilizing Main Quest Progression

As I mentioned earlier, completing the 21st Main Story Quest, “The Search for Truth,” is crucial for unlocking Mutator Zombies. After completing this quest, I start noticing an increase in Mutator Hotspots on the map. It’s essential for me to keep progressing through the main story to open up more hotspots for farming.

Revisiting Hotspots

Mutator Zombies may not always spawn at a hotspot when I first visit it. In such cases, I find it helpful to leave the area and return after some time or try a different hotspot. This gives a chance to spawn Mutator Zombies at the desired location.


If a Mutator Zombie doesn’t spawn, another strategy I use is to reload by returning to the main menu and then loading my save again. This can help reset the zombie spawns, increasing the chances of encountering a Mutator.

Dead Island 2 Mutated Hearts Reload The Game

By following these steps and locating Mutator Hotspots, I increase my chances of obtaining Dead Island 2 Mutated Hearts. Remember that persistence and patience are key to farming these rare crafting materials effectively.

Preparing For Mutator Encounters

Before engaging Mutator Zombies in combat, it’s crucial for me to be well-prepared for these intense encounters. These powerful enemies can prove to be a challenge, and going in without the proper equipment and strategy can be disastrous. Here are some tips that helped me to ensure that I’m ready to face Mutator Zombies and successfully farm Mutated Hearts:

Stock Up On Healing Items

As Mutator Zombies are formidable opponents, it’s essential for me to have a good supply of healing items like medkits and bandages on hand to recover health during the battle.

Equip Strong Weapons

To maximize my chances of defeating Mutator Zombies, I need powerful weapons. Ideally, melee weapons with the Maiming attribute should be prioritized, as this attribute increases the likelihood of enemies dropping body parts, including Mutated Hearts. Axes and machetes are particularly effective in this regard.

Check Weapon Durability

Before heading to a Mutator Hotspot, I ensure that my weapons are in good condition. I repair any weapons that have low durability, as they might break during the encounter, leaving me at a disadvantage.

Armor And Perks 

I make sure to equip my character with suitable armor and perks that enhance my survivability and damage output. I consider using perks that improve my melee damage, health regeneration, or stamina, as these can be beneficial during Mutator encounters.

Learn Enemy Patterns 

Observing and understanding Mutator Zombie attack patterns can be advantageous. I dodge their attacks and strike when they are vulnerable to minimize damage taken and maximize my damage output.

Bring Explosives

I utilize throwable weapons, such as Molotov Cocktails and grenades, to deal significant damage from a safe distance. These can help weaken Mutator Zombies before I engage them in close combat.

Fight in Open Spaces 

Whenever possible, I lure Mutator Zombies to open areas where I have more room to maneuver and dodge their attacks. Fighting in confined spaces can be challenging and may result in taking unnecessary damage.

By following these preparation tips, I’ll be better equipped to face Mutator Zombies and successfully farm Mutated Hearts. Remember that persistence and adapting my strategy based on each encounter will significantly increase my chances of success.

Farming Mutated Hearts Efficiently

To maximize my efforts in obtaining Dead Island 2 Mutated Hearts, it’s essential for me to farm them efficiently. Below are some tips and strategies that helped me effectively gather these rare crafting materials without wasting too much time or resources:

Focus On Mutator Hotspots 

I concentrate my efforts on Mutator Hotspots, where the chances of encountering Mutator Zombies are higher. I regularly check my fast travel map for hotspot locations and prioritize visiting them.

Dead Island 2 Mutated Hearts Locating Mutator Hotspots
High-Frequency Mutator Zombies

Optimize Your Loadout 

  • I made sure to equip myself with the most powerful weapons in my arsenal to deal with Mutator Zombies effectively.
  • By using weapons with high damage output, I was able to defeat Mutator Zombies more quickly, allowing me to farm mutated hearts faster.
  • I paid close attention to my stamina, as it played a significant role in my combat effectiveness.
  • By managing my stamina carefully, I was able to maintain a steady pace and avoid being overwhelmed by the zombies.

Use Explosives And Throwable Weapons 

  • I found that using explosives and throwable weapons was a great way to control crowds of zombies, making it easier to focus on Mutator Zombies.
  • By thinning out the horde, I could isolate and defeat Mutator Zombies more efficiently.
  • I used throwable weapons like Molotov cocktails to target the weak spots of Mutator Zombies, dealing increased damage and speeding up the farming process.

Reset Zombie Spawns 

  • I discovered that reloading Dead Island 2 from the main menu helped reset the zombie spawns, including Mutator Zombies.
  • By doing this, I could farm mutated hearts more quickly, as I didn’t have to wait for the in-game respawn timers.

Utilize Co-op Mode 

If I’m having difficulty farming Mutated Hearts on my own, I consider teaming up with friends or other players in co-op mode. Working together can make it easier to defeat Mutator Zombies and increase the chances of obtaining Mutated Hearts.

By following these tips, I was able to farm Dead Island 2 Mutated Hearts more efficiently, making it easier to complete quests and craft powerful perks.

Completing The Body Art: Dread Side Quest

The Body Art: Dread side quest is an essential mission involving Francesca, an artist located in northern Beverly Hills. The primary objective of this quest is to collect and deliver three Mutated Hearts to Francesca’s Art Donation bin. Here’s a step-by-step guide to complete the quest efficiently:

Meeting Francesca

  • To initiate the quest, first, I had to meet Francesca, an artist located in northern Beverly Hills.
  • She asked me to collect three mutated hearts for her art project.
  • Before encountering Mutator zombies, I needed to complete Quest #21 – Search for the Truth.
  • Once done, Mutator zombies started spawning on the map, dropping the required mutated hearts.
  • To efficiently farm mutated hearts, I focused on finding Mutator Hotspots.
  • These locations were marked on the map and had a higher chance of encountering Mutator zombies.
  • Before setting out to a hotspot, I made sure to equip strong melee weapons, preferably with Maiming.
  • Axes and machetes worked best for me, as they increased the chances of obtaining body parts, including mutated hearts.
  • I repeatedly visited the hotspots to increase my chances of finding and defeating Mutators.
  • If a Mutator didn’t drop a mutated heart, I either revisited the same hotspot later or moved on to a different one.

Delivering the Mutated Hearts

  • After collecting the required three mutated hearts, I returned to Francesca’s studio.
Dead Island 2 Mutated Hearts Return to Francesca's Studio
Return to Francesca’s Studio
  • I dropped the mutated hearts into the Art Donation bin to complete the Body Art: Dread side quest.
Dead Island 2 Mutated Hearts Delivering The Mutated Hearts
Delivering The Mutated Hearts

Report Back To Francesca

  • After delivering the Mutated Hearts, speak with Francesca to inform her of your success.
  • She will thank you for your efforts and reward you for completing the Body Art: Dread side quest.

By following these steps, I was able to complete the Body Art: Dread side quest in Dead Island 2 without any hassle. This quest not only allowed me to farm mutated hearts but also contributed to the overall game progression.

Alternative Uses For Mutated Hearts

While playing Dead Island 2, I discovered that mutated hearts could be used for various purposes aside from completing the Body Art: Dread side quest. In this guide, I’ll share with you some of the alternatives uses for mutated hearts I found during my gameplay.

Dead Island 2 Mutated Hearts Mutated Heart
Mutated Heart

Crafting Powerful Perks

  • As I explored, I noticed that certain blueprints required mutated hearts as a crafting component.
  • These unique weapons often had higher damage output and special effects, making them valuable additions to my arsenal.

Trading With NPCs

  • I encountered NPCs who were interested in acquiring mutated hearts in exchange for rare items or in-game currency.
  • By trading with them, I could obtain valuable resources and gear that improved my overall gameplay experience.
  • Each Mutated Heart can be sold for $400, providing you with a decent influx of currency for purchasing other essential items.

However, be cautious when selling Mutated Hearts, as they are quite rare and can be challenging to obtain. Consider using them for crafting or upgrading purposes first before resorting to selling them.

Upgrading Weapons

  • At certain points, I had the option to upgrade my weapons by using mutated hearts.
  • These upgrades significantly enhanced the weapons’ performance and allowed me to take on tougher enemies more effectively.
  • During my gameplay, I realized that mutated hearts could be used as components in crafting powerful bombs and traps.
  • These items proved to be valuable in various combat situations, enabling me to defeat large groups of enemies or strategically take down challenging foes.

Special Quests & Objectives

  • In some instances, I discovered that mutated hearts could be used to unlock hidden quests or secret areas.
  • Completing these quests often rewarded me with rare items or led to fascinating storylines that enriched my overall gameplay experience.

Participating In Events

  • Occasionally, I came across special events and challenges that required mutated hearts as an entry fee or completion condition.
  • By participating in these events, I could earn unique rewards and gain access to exclusive content.

Enhancing Character Abilities

  • I also found that mutated hearts could be used to enhance my character’s abilities, making them more effective in combat.
  • This allowed me to customize my playstyle and tailor my character’s abilities to my preferences.

As I delved deeper into Dead Island 2, I found that mutated hearts had numerous alternative uses beyond the Body Art: Dread side quest. By utilizing these versatile items, I was able to enhance my character’s abilities, craft unique weapons, and unlock hidden quests, which significantly improved my overall gaming experience.

Tips For Farming Mutated Hearts In Dead Island 2

During my time playing Dead Island 2, I’ve developed some tips and strategies to farm mutated hearts efficiently. Here are my top suggestions to help you collect these valuable items quickly and with minimal effort.

Plan Your Route

    • Before starting your farming run, I recommend planning a route that covers multiple Mutator Zombie spawn points.
    • This way, you can maximize your chances of encountering and defeating these creatures, increasing your mutated heart drop rate.

Use The Right Weapons

    • I found that certain weapons were more effective against Mutator Zombies than others.
    • Experiment with different weapon types and find the one that works best for you in taking down these enemies quickly.

Focus On Crowd Control

    • When farming Mutator Zombies, I often encountered large groups of regular zombies as well.
    • To make my farming runs more efficient, I used crowd control weapons and tactics to eliminate these distractions, allowing me to focus on the target enemies.

Utilize Traps And Environmental Hazards

    • I discovered that setting up traps and luring Mutator Zombies into environmental hazards could be an effective strategy to defeat them.
    • By using these methods, I could conserve my ammunition and weapon durability while still taking down my targets.

Upgrade Your Character

    • I found that investing in character upgrades and abilities related to combat efficiency and loot drop rates significantly improved my farming success.
    • With these enhancements, I could defeat Mutator Zombies more quickly and increase my chances of obtaining mutated hearts.

Clear Other Objectives

    • In some cases, I noticed that completing other objectives in the area, such as main quests or side quests, could help trigger Mutator Zombie spawns.
    • By tackling these additional tasks, I could encourage more Mutator Zombies to appear, making my farming runs even more productive.

Save And Reload

    • If I had difficulty finding Mutator Zombies or if they weren’t dropping mutated hearts, I found that saving and reloading could help.
    • This technique resets the spawns and loot drops, potentially increasing my chances of encountering the desired enemies and obtaining the necessary items.

Party Up With Friends

    • Farming mutated hearts became more enjoyable and efficient when I teamed up with friends or other players.
    • Together, you can cover more ground, take down Mutator Zombies faster, and share our loot, making the entire process more efficient and fun.

By following these tips and strategies during my gameplay, I was able to farm mutated hearts more effectively and with less frustration. With practice and persistence, you can also master these techniques and significantly improve your Dead Island 2 experience.

Final Remarks 

The process of obtaining mutated hearts in Dead Island 2 may be challenging, but with the right approach, it can be made more manageable. By following the tips and strategies outlined in this guide, players will be well-prepared to face Mutator Zombies and efficiently collect these rare resources. 

If you found this guide helpful, be sure to explore our other guides, such as Goat Pen Master Keys and My Mailman Was a Zombie, to obtain valuable loot.


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